a million hours later


I’m home. I drove home from work  in a downpour. Got my MRI on my foot. Power went out in the middle and they had to start over.

I made it to the hopstial by 6:30. We watched National Treasure 2..then we did spend the night. It was horrible for me and J..OK for Drew.

I just got home, Drew is doing better. Hopefully he’ll be home tomorrow or Monday. No more morphine..he’ll take a shower today.

I’m going to sleep and then we’re going back at 6:30…not spending the night tonight though since I have my sales meeting tomorrow afternoon.




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  1. Drew got “unhooked” from all his IV’s and was able to get a shower. I don’t have time to go back to my doctor until Thursday for my MRI results.

    I LOVE the National Treasure Movies…that whole conspiracy theory stuff is cool in my book.

    Drew’s off the morphine now they have him on this liquid vicodin stuff..I could have taken some of that.

    I have a gift certificate for a massage I plan to use and I really need a pedicure but have been waiting to see what happens w/ my ankle…and OMG my hair..it needs to be cut and colored.

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