They don’t say burst anymore.


So I get to the hospital and Drew’s mom and step-dad were there. He already had a visit from 2 grandma’s, grandpa and an aunt and uncle. He had a tough afternoon though. He still can’t eat and he is mixing up hunger pains and real pain. In his head he is hungry but he isn’t since they are giving him nutrition and junk through his IV.

The nurse comes in and says “well it’s a shame that they can’t have solids but with ruptures like this they don’t want them eating yet”.. I’m all like WTF?

I corner Drew’s step-dad who explains to me that the doctor said that they don’t say the appendix ruptures or bursts..because it doesn’t really. The pocket of infection has spread into his belly. Instead of the old way they don’t just open him up and clean him out. They treat aggressively with antibiotics until the infection encapsulates and comes to a head or scabs kind of. That way they can go in and take the infection and appendix out at the same time.

This morning the picc line will be put in. I also have meetings all morning so I guess I’ll be in there with the cell phone.

These days are kind of bummers… Wake up, shower, go to work, go to the hospital, go to bed. When am I supposed to grocery shop and pay bills? Hmm. Hopefully Drew is home by the weekend..and it’s weekend with mommy…so maybe J and I can get stuff done.

I apologize in advance for not having the time to read everyone’s blog. Especially yesterday, every free minute I had at work was usually dealing w/ a family member or two. I’ll make my rounds though cause I have to know what is going on with everyone…and then yesterday there was a blogger issue, wasn’t there.

Last night Drew was comfortable after the morphine.. we watched The Mummy Returns and Jumanji until he fell asleep.


Good news, the time frame may be cut a lot. I don’t know if there was a miscomunication or what but now the doc is saying 10 days 2 weeks for the picc line. This would be AWESOME!!

Picc line went in first try today and he won’t remember a thing.

Clear liquids start this afternoon as well as getting up and walking!! Yeah!!


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  1. “Last night Drew was comfortable after the morphine”

    Lucky Drew.

    I hope the poor little man heals quickly and doesn’t have to suffer for too terribly long.

  2. Sorry it’s so hectic your way. I’m glad he’s doing ok though! I hope he has a speedy recovery. I’m sure it’s very exhausting. Hospitals are so draining. Get some rest!

  3. I hope things start calming down. I know it’s exhausting, but that little boy is so lucky to have all of you.

  4. Poor Drew and poor You. Have a nice glass of wine.
    You didn’t miss much at my blog, except I blew it up and now there will be searches for Midget p*rn thanks to Knudsey. See how thoughtful I was? You won’t be getting those searches.

  5. Goodness- don’t worry about everyone else. Just take care of yourself and your family girl!
    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way~ def thinking about Drew and hoping everything turns out ok.

  6. Wow- seems like you’ve been busy- kids get better real fast so don’t worry- these don’t take too long to heal-and if he is out of bed, he is halfway there!
    Tell J to keep his head up-
    Guess we will meet drew in aruba! write soon- we will keep up with the blog too!Paula and John

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I missed the last few posts. Don’t stress about blog reading! You had so much on your plate already. I hope Drew is doing alright and feels better soon.

  8. oh honey!

    i am so so sorry i’m just now getting around to this! i’ve been away from blog access for a while. i’m glad drew is being such a trooper and i will keep the lil guy and all of his parents in my prayers!

  9. YIKES! This same thing happened to my brother in law, at a time when he happened to have no health insurance–not good. Thousands and thousands of dollars and months of recovery later, he is back to normal.

    This also happened to one of my little 4th graders. More common than one would think.

  10. Wow. I’m glad to hear things are looking up. How scary. My older son “popped” his hip playing soccer once. Had the X-rays, all is cool, then the Dr. comes in and says, “blah blah blah blah pelvic evulsion (?) fracture blah blah blah” UHHHH WHAT DID YOU SAY????? FRACTURE??? LIKE BROKEN??? That was fun.

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