Vomit + Fever = ER and appendicitis

Below is the email I sent to family last night. Some of you that follow me on twitter followed me step by step through the vomiting and fever. I’m waiting now for Drew’s mom to call me back this morning after they meet w/ the surgeon. There is a chance they may postpone surgery until they get the infection under control. OR if the do get the infection under control there is a chance they may not have to do the surgery. Of course sleeping last night was hard, I kept running everything over in my head wondering if I would have made a different decision along the way that we could have had this taken care of sooner. I figured he had an infection but didn’t realize how urgent.
We had quite the weekend. Short of the story: Drew is in the hospital with appendicitis. He’ll be OK.
Friday night around 9ish J asked if Drew wanted Dairy Queen and he said “no”..this was very odd. He said his tummy hurt. I asked if he needed to go potty. He went OK..then about 2 hours later he started vomiting. He threw up all night long.
We assumed it was the flu. Saturday morninghis temp hit 103.8 which scared the hell out of us. We gave him children’s Tylenol and the pharmacist suggested theraflu. Drew’s mom was at the Lakeand I talked to her off and on. We figured the doctor would have us continue what we were already doing. Drew slept alot. Saturday eveningthe vomiting had stopped and he didn’t have a fever but he complained when he went to the bathroom that his pelvic area above his penis hurt alot. His mom and I thought he may have pulled muscles from throwing up so much. This morning we realized that the fever was back which didn’t seem right. We gave him more Tylenol. He is usually such a trooper but he was really in pain. We decided to take him to an Urgent Care place. We brought him this afternoon around 2pm. The nurses and doctors ran a urinalysis and said that looked fine, they were worried though that it might be his appendix even though the pain was more in the center near his belly button.
They called The ER to let them know we were on our way, I called his mom who left the lake immediately.
We got in the elevator and J passed out. Drew was SUCH a brave boy, he ran (walked as fast as he could) up the stairs to get help. The police, firetruck and ambulance came and realized that J would be OK. His blood pressure, blood sugar were fine. We were so worried about Drew we forgot to take care of ourselves and eat… So after J was given a clean bill of health we went to the ER.
The drew blood and gave Drew and IV. The pain medication was a godsend. Drew and I went and got a CT scan. Drew did AWESOME! I was able to wear a huge vest and hold his hand.
A few minutes later PaPa (his mom’s dad) got there and told the story about how he had his appendix out when he was 10. That story helped alot.
The doctor came in and said a high blood count is 13, Drew’s was at 30 which showed he had a major infection going on. He also has a stone in his appendix. He has a pocket full of puss in his appendix that they need to get treated before they can operate. They will first give him antibiotics to treat the infection then have surgery more than likely tomorrow.
Drew’s mom and step-dad  got there shortly after the diagnosis..so we decided to come home and get some rest. We’ll let you know when we here more and we’ll go up to the hospital tomorrow.
Drew did say he was very happy this happened now since he was able to go through the whole school year and get the perfect attendance award! And since it is the beginning of summer he’ll be better and only miss a few days of camp. Drew is hoping he’ll be home for Thursday night to watch the NBA finals. He’s a huge Boston Celtics fan (we’re not sure why).
We’ll keep you posted
MP and J
ps..J is  doing fine, we have to remind him to eat..that’s all.
Update: Surgery will be scheduled for 4-6 weeks…they will continue antibiotics for a while. 😦
Update #2 : I spoke to Drew’s mom. In order to treat the infection they will be inserting PICC Line. We will learn how to administer the medicine, it will go in every 8 hours. Once the infection is gone they will operate.
Camp? Swimming? Hilton Head??
We THOUGHT we had summer plans…. God obviously has something else in mind for us.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear he’s ok! Sounds like one very hectic weekend. It sounds like Drew was a trooper though. Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  2. MP, I am so sorry! What a terrible weekend and poor Drew. He;s such a little man to take care of his dad when he passed out. I’m sure it was scary for him and it sounds like he did amazing. I hope the infection clears up right away.

  3. The appendix thing always scares the heck out of me….sounds like you did everything perfectly. The good news is that it was caught before it burst. Hang in there and keep us posted! So cute that he is worried about keeping his perfect attendance award. 🙂

  4. So glad to hear everyone’s gonna be okay. I think we all try to minimize our kids illnesses (saying “Oh, it’s just the flu) because we don’t ever want it to be really bad. I know I’ve done it and felt guilty afterwards.

    I’m glad you gave in to your gut feeling (no pun intended).

  5. Oh Mary Pat, that’s awful!! You poor thing. I can’t believe they won’t operate for 4-6 weeks! Poor little guy. Take care of him (and YOURSELVES).


  6. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! That is terrible! Poor ‘lil guy!! I am sure that must have been awfully painfull!
    I’m glad to hear he will be OK! You guys take care of yourselves!
    There will always be other Summers.

  7. Wow, what a scary weekend! Glad to hear all is going to be ok though. You never know, there may be hope for the summer yet! Little ones bounce back a lot quicker from things than adults do.

  8. Holy CRAP! So J passed out in the elevator of the urgent care and Drew got help, so you could get all checked out and head over to the ER?

    HONEY!! I’m SORRY!! Is it Miller Time yet?

    Thinking of you!!

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