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Weekend Update and Movie Reviews


I actually feel like I had a long weekend, it didn’t fly by like normal. By 7pm last night I said to J, “I can’t believe this is all the same day that started with me going to church!”

Friday was pretty non-eventful. Saturday we were up, went shopping, took my dad to a bbq, went house hunting, went to the movies. Sunday I was up, went to church, went shopping, went to the movies, read my book then picked up Drew.

I missed the bloggie event on Saturday..I’m sure there will be more. By the time we got out of the movie it was 8ish so I didn’t go by.

Movie Reviews


There will be no spoilers so feel free to read away. This is a Rated R movie. The F bomb is thrown around, sex and violence which includes blood. I’m not a prude or weird about that but thought you should know. Personally I really liked the movie and would recommend. You have action, comedy..and a twist. What more do you need. I actually laughed out loud a few times, and you were supposed to. Some of the voice over stuff was really great. The car chases and special effects were awesome. The plot is NOT to be believable, this isn’t a crime’s got a smidge of sci-fi which I loved. Go to the theater…enjoy on the big screen w/ the great surround system. Leave the kids at home.

The Happening

This is an M Night Shyamalan movie. His stuff is kind of funky and his problem is that he hasn’t had a huge blockbuster since The Sixth Sense… but J and I had an opportunity to see another non-kid movie so we went. Bottom line, I give the movie a C. If you are the least bit interested wait until the DVD comes out.
I can’t talk too much about the movie without it being a huge spoiler, if you want to know them leave me a comment and I’ll email you and tell you what happens. The story and plot STILL has me thinking but the way the story played didn’t work for me. There was way to much gore..I think that w/ the deaths you could imply that something happens. For instance…and this is in the VERY beginning…a woman is going to die and she puts a knitting needle through her neck.. Yeah. Really. I didn’t need to see that…You could have done it where it’s right AT her neck and I could have figured out what happens next, you know what I mean? ALSO I was in a theater w/ people that talk to the screen…. you knew before something was going to be sick..I covered my eyes and the people behind me were all “OH NO…HE’S GONNA DO …..” you get the idea. The other problem that I had was Mark Wahlberg. Normally I really like him and he was one of the reasons why we went. For me, his character played sissy. His character is a HS Science Teacher. His wife was just weird and he was way too sensitive.. I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on’s like he played w/ his voice an octave higher and his inflections were like he was overacting. I think it would have made a good book, was it a book? I’ll have to look.

Book.. Did you know that Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum novel is out? Yes it is!! Fourteen and Fearless. I’m about 1/3 of the way though. So good. All our characters are there. I love Grandma.. I was going to get to pick it up again this afternoon cause I was going to the doc office w/ dad..but we had to reschedule. I think we’re going to see WALL-E tonight…we’ll see.

*** Oh the house hunting this is that we’re in the curious stage…seeing what is out there and what exact area we plan to look, once we’re ready.

Rants that include Religion,Bicycles,Movies and more!


Sometimes when I post a couple times in a day people don’t read my previous post…So go over there and tell me what the hell to do with my hair..then come back.

This is going to be one of those random time know then one that usually wears you out.

First thing when I got to work I opened the Internet and was OVERJOYED to see that our Archbishop is being sent to Rome. IMO I would have fired him…but this IS the Catholic Church. They gave him a promotion. Good riddance.

I was totally psyched to see white octagonal tile on a section of our ripped up bathroom floor. Short lived excitement..hubby hates it. It will not be uncovered and restored 😦

I am SICK and tired of Bike Riders. You know the ones I’m talking about? Tight clothes, water bottles riding their bikes RIGHTINFRONTOFMYCAR!!! For the love of GOD get on the sidewalk, buy a car, take the bus…do something but don’t hold up rush hour traffic by riding your fricking bike in the lane that is meant for automobiles. That’s great your are some tree hugging hippie who is showing off you are all green…..JUST MOVE before you get run over or cause an accident. OH and see that red light up there??? Well if you think you have all these rights to ride your bike in my car lane then you have to obey the fricking traffic rule…STOP at RED….don’t ride next to me on the shoulder either, I can’t see you!! (I feel better)

There are some REALLY crappy movies out there. I’ve been recording movies that I alone would like in the bedroom..rephrasing, I am recording movies in my room that I would like to watch, and that I know my husband wouldn’t like to watch. Two movies I deleted right away…Lover’s Prayer w/ Kirsten Dunst and Everything is Illuminated with Elijah Wood. OMG, I gave both of those movies about a half our of my life and deleted them. Then I watched Bobby..the story of RFK. WTF was up with all the characters? Many I didn’t care about at all… I would have rather had the story center around a few people at the hotel…a few people in the staff or through the eyes of the killer.

Did you go to the previous post yet and give me hair suggestions, you really should.

It is hotter than hell today but we’re supposed to have a “cool front” tonight w/ big ole storms..which is what our area needs w/ all the flooding. Speaking of flooding another levee broke.

I’m having major food issues…my appetite has changed or something. My frozen weight watchers lunches just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’m hungry again.

Another weekend w/out Drew. Not sure what we are going to do. Shopping tonight since I need something for storage in the bathroom. Dad wants to go to a BBQ tomorrow…there is a St Louis blogger event on Saturday too… I don’t know…we’ll see.

I still owe 2 people meme’s.. maybe this weekend. I also have pictures on my computer at home that I need to upload to flickr.

Anything exciting this weekend? Must see movies on cable?



My current hair \"style\"Ok, lets get right to work. On Tuesday (as in July 1st) I am getting my hair cut. Cut, Color, Eyebrow Wax. This appointment is a LONG time coming. My last appointment was before Aruba..early April.

Help: Do I get a trim…get layers..go short? What do I do. Right now I have a ponytail. If I wear it down it looks like the above picture.

What do I do, help??

Give me links to haircuts that would work with my face. I have ZERO body to my hair. It is healthy hair yet very fine. I have the kind of hair that I couldn’t wear it up in a scrunchy cause it all falls out. It fell out and looked like crap on my wedding cause the bobby pins don’t hold it.

I trust the girl that cuts my hair..but she is happy w/ status quo too..

I have way more to talk about, I have a feeling this will be a 2 post day..especially if the phones stay this dead.


The Accidental Rehab


You know how you have a list of “to do” things for your house? Well I do, I don’t always write it down but it’s there.

We eventually get everything done. I realized this year that this upgrades and projects are tax write off’s. I decided that we would make sure that we keep all of our bills. When you upgrade your house now a days you also make it more Green. The government likes that.

To preface the details; we live in an old house. The house is a brick bungalow built around 1920ish. The walls are plaster on the inside, brick on the outside. Cement closet space. You get the picture. When I purchased the house I thought it would be a temporary thing, I’m going on 12 years there now.  One of the conditions on the initial sale of my house was that they bring the electric up to code, they did. This still doesn’t help from blowing a fuse. Case in point: You cannot use the microwave, blow dry your hair, have the coffee pot plugged in and run a space heater at the same time.  We live though a new furnace and now we don’t need space heaters.

I had a point, didn’t I? Oh yeah, the bathroom. Notice I didn’t specify WHICH bathroom. That is because there is only one. We got a new toilet. We needed a new toilet. The pink one that was in the bathroom was at least 50 years old. Ick.  Next up was the sink. We’re doing it this way cause the elephant in that room is the shower..we just work around that job..  So the sink is also at least 4873 years old. There are cracks in the bowl so you really can’t clean it right’s just DONE. We were at our neighborhood Home Depot and found an awesome sale on this all-in-one vanity set. Vanity, counter-top, sink and mirror. It was a STEAL!! We purchased it but Home Depot said “we don’t install bathroom stuff”.. SO it sat in the backyard for a while (at least it wasn’t the front yard). 

Forward to last week. J said, “you know we’re going to Hilton Head soon, we really need to get that sink installed. ”  So I found a good plumber who said it was a 2-3 hour job. I scheduled them to come by today. At 8am J calls me at work as said, “You know how things are never as easy as we think they should be?”.

BIG BREATH….let it all out. …. wait.. BIG BREATH….let it all out

The plumbing is not up to code.

In order to put in the new sink they had to bust into the wall. The pipes are jerryrigged now as a temporary fix.  This means that we can brush our teeth but he ain’t done.

The stack needs to be replaced. Totally. It’s the original.

BIG BREATH…let it out. Take a drink of tea. fingers on the keyboard..continue

Right now since the sink is a different size than the old the OLD OLD floor and the OLD floor show, this means we have to get a new floor.


Did you recall above where I said they had to punch a whole in the WALL to get to the not-up-to-code pipes?  So everything needs to be re-drywalled. Did I mention that some yahoo built a goofy box around the pipes that stick out.. this ALL needs to be ripped out. This as well as the new stack will have to wait until AFTER we go to Hilton Head.

All I wanted was the old sink ripped out and a new one put in..NOT a new wall and new floor and new pipes!! I new the stack needed to be replaced but I thought we could drag it out a little big longer. The plumber showed J all the different cracks and said “You got a month or two before you have a real problem on your hands”…

OH well, it had to be done sooner or later. I should put a paypal button on my blog.. 😉

WAIT..I forgot about the money tree in yard. NOT.

You know gas prices are high when….


Here is the story. I’m on my way to work this morning. I’m on a pretty major road. 2 lanes in each direction. I’m in the far right lane anticipating my right turn.  I have the Jeep today, you know the one without AC..but it does have a radio.. So anyway I have the window down. I am listening to the morning radio show. (FYI it’s quite a liberal show..)
I’m stopped at a stoplight and I hear: “Mam, excuse me, Mam”…. I look out my window and see this little blue beater of a car with a big dirty looking white man inside. He leans into his passenger seat and says, “Mam, can you help me get a 2 gallons of gas? I need to get out near Six Flags to pick up a paycheck”.
My mind right now is going “WTF?”. I really thought he was going to ask me for directions. I actually started in my head to put the directions to Six Flags in my head…I had to comprehend that this guy just asked me for 2 gallons of gas.
I said “Sorry, I don’t have any cash”. This was the honest to God truth. I don’t have a dollar in my purse..and I know that is a problem, you should always have at least $20 cash..but I didn’t.
By this time the light changed to green and we started moving, I’m getting ready to turn right. He yells back as we’re driving apart, “Well you COULD use your debit card!”

I turned right, went to the office and am blogging about it. Here are my thoughts.
If I were at the gas station putting gas in my car and someone asked me to swipe my card so they could get $5 or $10 worth of gas..maybe even $20..I would have said OK. I would have helped the guy out. I was half a block from my office, NOT getting gas. I wasn’t about to follow some stranger to a filling station just to do a good deed. I feel bad for the man, I believe he really did need gas to get to an area near Six Flags to pick up a check…and not to drive to pick up a six pack or go to the East Side to watch strippers.

What would you have done? It really happened so fast, I’m still processing. Would I have acted differently if it was a woman and followed her to a gas station?

Just a couple weeks ago on my way home down a two lane road a woman going the other direction waved a map out her window yelling “Help Me! Where is Chesterfield?”
For her I just pointed in the direction that she was driving and told her to “Keep going that way”.
I hope she found what she was looking for.

(Did you read the comments from the previous post? Seems that European men really like Bruce Springsteen. One man, Jose’ left me a very nice LONG post about what huge fans they are. Another man just wanted to slam me for being so ignorant of what a great talent the Boss is, he told me ” to realise how is so special being bruce fan!!! you dont have the road to catch is car!!!!”He told me!)

I hate Bruce Springsteen and other confessions


Hate is such a strong word, I know. I was taught NOT TO HATE. So for purposes of my Catholic guilt creeping up I will change that to, “I strongly dislike Bruce Springsteen”.

Back when I was in college I dated a guy from Long Island. He LOVED The Boss. He had posters haning in his dorm room.. it was his religion. I just didn’t get it. I faked it. I couldn’t admit I didn’t like The Boss.

This morning the local radio station I listen to was ALL excited about annoucing that Bruce Springsteen was coming in concert. I was so let down. They were teasing about this annoucement for weeks..I thought it was going to be someone good.

Here are some other confessions of mine, that don’t always make the the most popular girl in the room:

  • I don’t like the circus. Never have.
  • I don’t like clowns..see above.
  • I don’t like parades. When I was little I didn’t want to go, when I was older I just went to drink, when I was older still I just went for the kids.
  • I don’t like Ira Glass. I actually have no idea who Ira Glass is.
  • I don’t listen to NPR.
  • I agree with 80% of the things that come out of Rush’s mouth on the radio show.
  • I never really got George Carlin, and I think I have a good sense of humor.
  • I never really understood the humor of Andy Kaufman either.
  • I have never liked any of the boy bands. NKOTB, Menudo or the one w/ Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake either.
  • I always thought that Parker Stevenson was the hotter of the two Hardy Boys yet I let my friends believe I was a Shaun Cassidy fan too. I liked his music and owned the albums but I wasn’t really that disappointed when mom wouldn’t let me go to the concert.
  • I don’t like Sarah Jessica Parker. I used to back in the Square Pegs days..and liked her on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business but then Sex In The City started..and bleh.. I don’t care for the show and have no intention of seeing the movie. I have watched the TV show before, but only for the soft core porn of it.
  • I have only watched 1 episode each of Hero’s, Desperate Housewives and Lost..and didn’t get it. I have never watched an episode of The Office.
  • I love Barbara Streisand as an actress but not as much as a singer. I can’t stand her as a person, even though I don’t know her personally. Have you seen What’s Up Doc?? Hysterical!
  • I like soft rock oldies: Chicago, Little River Band, Pure Prairie League, Air Supply and Barry Manilow.
  • I love 90’s Alternative Music
  • I can’t remember all the nursery rhymes I knew as a child. They are gone.
  • I don’t care if gas is $4 a gallon.
  • I don’t recycle
  • I have no idea what my natural hair color is anymore. It sure ain’t blond.
  • I haven’t gotten a mammogram although I should have a couple years ago.
  • I say I’m going to loose the weight again and then I eat chocolate.
  • I have never had an exercise routine.
  • If God gave me the choice I know which parent should go first.
  • I just ate another piece of chocolate.
  • Some days I’ve stayed at work longer than I had to cause I was reading blogs.
  • I don’t like Katie Couric anymore since she left the Today Show.
  • I don’t like Oprah anymore.

OK.. I feel better. Do you still love me?

Anything you would like to get off your chest?

Floods * Food * Fireworks



Well I found this quote in a Yahoo article.

One community did decide to move the entire town to higher ground after the 1993 floods. This week, residents of Valmeyer, Ill., are looking down at the raging river from the bluffs they now sit atop, instead of from the plain where their town was largely washed away 15 years ago.

I remember watching Valmeyer wash away in 1993. The heartbreak of those people was something else. Their decision to move to higher ground seems really smart. There are areas North of us that are flooding pretty heavily. I recall driving to one of Drew’s soccer games last year and there was an entire area that had billboards mocking the flood of 1993 talking about how they were selling the land to build industrial parks all along the levee. Right now that area where the billboards were as well as the road we drove on are underwater. I don’t think those people thought the levee would break so soon..they were figuring on an 80 year cycle or something. There are some things you really can’t predict.


Sarah and the Goon Squad was asking for help today on what to make for dinner. It just so happens that I’m “bringing a dish” to my friends BBQ tomorrow. This is one of those super easy yet yummy ideas.

Strawberry and Spinach Salad.
Step One: Go to the store and purchase a bag of prewashed baby spinach. Pint of Strawberries. Bag of nuts. Bottle of Poppy-seed Dressing. Tin Roasting Pan. Disposable Utensils.

If you can’t figure out what to do with all of that you have no business fixing food. I’ve also had this with some additional stuff like crumbled feta cheese, blueberries, red onions.. You can really do whatever you want. It’s super yummy, the right about of sweet for a summer day, or anytime really and it’s quick and easy to throw together. You can also purchase lowfat Poppyseed dressing which is pretty tasty too.
What is a quick easy thing you like to bring with you to events?


Click here to play with fireworks and not get hurt..or arrested.
Driving to work this morning there was a huge billboard advertising fireworks. Umm, in the area where the billboard is and where I live fireworks are illegal. It seems silly to either be selling them or make them illegal. At my house I always end up with bottle rockets on my roof and in my yard. Cops don’t really do anything about it. When I was little we always had sparklers and “tiger” chasers..What the heck is the PC word for those? Am I right, Tiger Chasers? Anyway we also had snakes which I loved but they made the sidewalk black which mom hated. As we got older we had bottle rocket fights in the parking lot. (union lots we used to hang out in every night to ride bikes, smoke, drink, and do everything else..of course this was pre-security cameras). Back then the cops had things like organized crime to deal with and left us kids alone.
Now..we don’t even buy fireworks, they seem like such a waste of money.
Do you buy and shoot off fireworks?

Pretend this is a witty title leading up to a post about stuff.


I sat here for 20 minutes trying to come up with a catchy title for my post. I thought about the Marvin Gaye song “What’s Goin On”..then “In My Life” by the Beatles.. (which happened to be our first dance at our wedding)..I came up with nothing.

SO here we go, this is one of those posts where I’m going to talk about random stuff that is going on. I like these because no real thought has to go into it. It’s just unloading all the crap in my brain.

  • Drew is over. I’m VERY excited that he is into Pokemon again. We are both playing Pokemon Diamond. I have a pink DS of my own so we’re trying to get to the same level so we can connect through the Wii and battle each other. My main Pokemon is only at a level 10. I really need to get out in the tall grass and battle more so I can level up my Pokemon. I started yesterday. Drew and I also spent about a half hour yesterday with our big ole Pokemon book coming up with quizzes on how well we know our Pokemon. You know stuff like: He’s the first evolution, looks like a monkey and is a fire type, what’s his name. Then Drew gets all difficult and throws in legendary..and I get confused.
  • Drew and I are both really into Ben 10. Have you ever watched the show? No? Find it, watch it. Great TV.
  • We went to see Indiana Jones last night. It was REALLY good. So was the popcorn. You can buy Vitamin Water at AMC. I love that.
  • I got to actually DO my job this morning, share information, teach. I felt like a combination “know it all” and boss lady. I loved the power.
  • I really need to finish laundry tonight but I think we’re going to see Iron Man again.
  • There are ALOT of rivers flooding North of where I am. A lot of these little towns are cute little places too. I feel bad cause this isn’t the first time the levees have failed.
  • Should we build levees to try to change rivers? Maybe not. Shouldn’t we just let nature take it’s course and not live in those areas that are flood prone. I guess it’s a little too late to do that now. Look at New Orleans.
  • There was a picture in the paper of this kid helping sandbag. He was 16. He was born during the flood of ’93. Why does the flood of ’93 feel like just last year. We still talk about it as “The Flood”. I guess I never thought that the kids don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.
  • I just got to be Boss again with the answers. I like this. Maybe I need to run the company?
  • I REALLY like the new Cold Play song. Gwenyth Paltrow’s hubby is kind of hot too.
  • Did you know that John McCain’s sons are actually IN the military?
  • I am SO glad that Hillary is not the Democratic Nom…Barak O’Boyfriend better not choose her as his running mate.
  • Did you hear Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby? NO..well she did. Little girl. I bet she’s gonna be cute.
  • I’m reading about 3 books right now that I can’t finish.
  • My PT on my ankle is going well. I get to do all kinds of little exercises. The bike, stairs, squats, rubberband things. You know what, it makes my knees hurt.
  • I keep reading blogs about parents trying to potty train their kids and I’m sitting here shaking my leg while I type this cause I gotta go really bad and am not taking the time to get up off my duff and go.

So that concludes today’s post about stuff. Gotta Go.


Men! You can’t shoot ’em.


Not all men should be shot but today I have a list.

None of the following were directed toward me or have anything to do with the men that I love. These are things that I have witnessed. I would still help with the shooting though.

Man A:

Oh my God you are SO stupid. I can’t believe you. Just calm down and deal with it. I don’t know what you are going to do, just figure it out, I have to get back to work.

The above was a man talking to his wife that called stating that she just got into a car accident and couldn’t drive the car because it was un-drive-able. The conversation actually became a bit heated. Another girl in our office looked at me and was amazed that he was talking to his wife that way. Note that he did leave a couple hours later to assist her with what was going on. She wasn’t injured.

Man B:

And you tell your customer that they will get their products when they give me a check!

this was screamed at top volume at a salesperson, she responded with a laugh and “don’t yell at me” . It may not seem bad but he was RED faced w/ veins bulging..leaning across a table…and this was out of the blue, it wasn’t even something that was being discussed.

Man C

Lie to your coworkers and say that you are taking care of the details surrounding a half million dollar deal.

I took care of steps 1, 2 and most of three, which technically are his job anyway. He had to communicate one VALUABLE piece of information which I actually offered to do. He lied and said he made the call. He doesn’t know that I know he never called. Why? Because I asked that last person if they were informed, they said no.

I would really just love to string all three of these up by their boys..if you know what I mean.  Guy A and B..yeah, I feel sorry for their wives.

Lots Of Loving Blogging Bling


Jeangave me the super dooper bloggy bling. 

The back story is here…

“This is an award that was created by Memoirs of a Mommy. It’s a very special award that she created in Honor Of The Donor That Saved (her son) Noah’s Life. Noah received a heart transplant, and she hopes that by passing this award around the blogosphere everyone can help raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation.”

The rules of this award are: SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same**

Piece of cake. I’d share the love back w/ Jean first of all..Love me some Jean.

On my side-panel I have links to all my bloggie buds..when you hover over them I left a little
something about everyone.

I’m giving love to:



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