Head Blogging


Do you ever blog in your head? Normally it’s an AWESOME post. I blog, twitter and crop photos in my head when I’m away from the computer.

I had decided to give The Jason Show the award the other day and told you ALL about how much I love his blog. I found his blog after Bossylinked him. He’s a son, brother, exhusband, partner,father and grandfather.. Jason at one point was a member of the Mormon church and posts about his life from childhood, marriage, fatherhood and true love. I LOVE his stories and writings as well as his awesome sense of humor.

Please go visit..and Jason copy and past you award into your blog please! 🙂



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  1. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only that blogs in my head right before going to sleep, only to wake up totally forgetting what brilliance I had.
    Cropping pics in my head…not so much. 🙂

  2. i heart jason!

    and yeah, i totally blog in my head ALL. THE. TIME.

    and then i’m like “where the hell is that post!?” when i’m on the computer

    sigh…i’m such a dork

  3. I blog in my head on the way to work. I sometimes even send myself a text message with little snippets, but then if I wait too long I forget what they mean.

    I’m a dork, too.

  4. Finally getting around to reading all of the blogs from DGM. I blog in my head at night when I get into bed…and let me tell you what sister – it’s brilliant writing! Brilliant I tell you! I’m A Writer! I’m a genius and witty! And then I sit down….and crap comes forth.

  5. Ok, I’m having a little problem, and now I’m going to have to catch up. I was wondering why you “weren’t posting” -My feed reader isn’t picking you up here! 😦 I’m not sure why. Just now when I told it to find ALL your posts it did!

    Ugh. Gimme a week or so. I’ll catch up! Sorry for my absence!

  6. I’m at my most brilliant in the shower. If only I had a waterproof computer…

    Thanks for the head’s up on Jason. He’s fabulous! 😉

  7. In my dreams, when I realize I’m dreaming, I often think “OMG, I HAVE to remember and blog about this dream!!!!” and I try very hard to remember the intense brilliant deep or hilarious dream I’m having. Often, if I do remember any part of it once I’m awake, it makes no sense.

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