Yesterday ROCKED. I got swag twice!!

Do you recall THIS post? NO..well go back and read it. It talks about how cool it was that someone found me because I talked about their product..and it was TELEVISION. I love TV. My summer TV which includes The Closer and Saving Grace stats soon. June 14th to be exact.
I’m such a dork I will record and mark it on my calender. I hate watching it after the fact.. Brenda Leigh and Grace have got to be LIVE.
Anyone else watch these shows?
Back to my swag.. So I get my package in the mail. Guess what it is?
I got a fricking PAJAMAGRAM!!
J makes fun of my PJ’s ALL the time..and these were so cute!! Long pants and a shortsleeve button up top. Besides that I got DVD’s. I haven’t had a chance to watch any but I will next week I’m sure. There are Saving Grace and The Closer..last seasons, and 2 other shows that I have to check out. (like I need more shows)

So I’m psyched, showing the boys.. who thought “wtf it’s pajamas and dvd’s”…They just don’t GET it.

Swag Part Two:
I told you Bri and I were going to the Cardinal game. (we won..beat Houston..yeah). Well Bri got the tickets, it was part of her knitting group. Pitches and Stitches or Stitch and Pitch..something clever like that. Well.. we got a tote bag (red) filled with patterns and big long ass needles and yarn. I can’t WAIT to start on my hat!
I don’t know how to knit..stitch or pitch for that matter. But it was FREE!
(photo’s of our baseball night to come…it was fun!!)

Now you tell me, what was the best swag you have ever received??


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  1. Mine is pretty cool, brace yourselves!

    I got a MacBook laptop, a 80 gig IPOD and an IPHONE for making an online commercial for a company…. That is like $2000 worth of free stuff! Is that considered swag?

  2. okay this is my one gripe about my blog – I’ve been blogging for five years and I never get swag, I got readers and you know people who read and people who pretend to read and STILL no swag.

    I must get the hang of this swang thing..

  3. A laptop..geeze louize…That is some swag!

    The TNT thing was just that their PR was googling and found me and realized I loved their shows.. I didn’t solicite anything..cause I have a girl crush on both Kyra Sedgwick and Holly Hunter. 🙂

    Ooo a leather purse is ALWAYS nice!

  4. Not really ‘swag’ but I won a Mini-Helmet and a ESPN NFL Banner for winning my fantasy football league (two out of three years).

    Also, for a while, my brother was the Production Manager at The Cubby Bear (across from Wrigley Field) and I got to fill in from time to time. One night JOHN ENTWISTLE and his band were to play so I managed to worm my way into being his ‘assistant’ that evening. I got OX’s (and the rest of his band) autograph on their CD.

  5. OK, I found you. I don’t know it just went away. I got real busy working at the prision and being pregnant. Then when all that went bust I went back to school, hmmm at my age! Glad to have found you again.

  6. oh my gosh- your archived blog made me laugh! were you AM in the PM?? I knew we were twins separated at birth. I use to have a bumper sticker in my office- I was THAT dork. I’m all about Dave Glover’s show now tho. Sorry Frank but you guys got kind of uhm, old and boring… 😉

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