Oooo A new photo contest!


Photo Contest

Look.. a photo contest!

Help: Color my world is the theme. Click on my flickr and tell me which photo to use!! one helped last week. What blogs are NOT on my blogroll that should be..they can be your blog that I overlooked or a blog that you love and are addicted to that I don’t read!




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  1. Oh and silly witckypoo..Hotfessional OMG is not on my list. I read her everyday! Thank you for the reminder..I’ll get that up tomorrow!!

  2. I think all the pics are great!! I’ll have to go look at the rules of the contest for the theme…but the seal with the ball is a pretty great action shot.

    p.s. I have an award I’ve bestowed on ya babe…come get it. 🙂

  3. Bri..because you had links in the comment it thought you might be spam..I was able to recover!!

    I will check out those blogs!!

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