Couple Questions for you….


Who is

Guy Kawasaki

and what is all the hype?

What is


and is that something I need to sign up..visit??

If you are a lurker, who are you and what is your blog?

If I have no lurkers I want to know what blog should I be reading that is not on my blogroll list?

And lastly..I THINK that I have my blogroll complete, it was acutally a lot of work but fun. If you don’t see your name let me know and I’ll get you added today. I have a 9am meeting but after that I figure it’s going to be a slow day here.

I have 2 meme’s to do this afternoon. FUN!!


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  1. is a website that lists a ton of blogs under different categories. Check it out and see what category you would fit in. I emailed them to see if they would put me in their mom category, and they did, if I put a link to them on my blog, which I did.

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