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I KNOW I KNOW…if you aren’t on the blogroll yet chances are I am aware..but if I go out of order from my favorites I’ll get more confused. I did a few more this morning.

OMG David Cook won American Idol. Thank God we record so we can skip all the commercials…the one I loved though that we did go back and watch was David A in the Guitar Hero commercial. Did you see that? He was dressed like Tom Cruise. Funny stuff.

Michael Johns and Carly..AWESOME. Brooke and Ghram Nash..AWESOME  I am SO looking forward to the concert.

I also watched the finale of Criminal Minds last night..I can’t believe someone is going to blow up. It will NOT be Garcia since she almost died last season.

I have to get some food and more coffee..I have a meeting to go to and it’s a LONG story..but there has been no one for sales for a YEAR in this meeting yet they talk about stuff VERY important to my job..I played the game and got myself invited. I must eat first.

Going to dinner w/ my FIL tonight, he’s coming in from AZ for business. 104 degrees to 60 degrees..hope he doesn’t go into shock.



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  1. Just look at you… it’s all prettified over here. I like this! I missed the entire season of American Idol… didn’t have a clue who might win.

  2. Once you go self hosted, I can fix you up with the code for the rotating image blogroll. That way you only display three links at a time. Hit refresh and they change.

  3. Yeah, we’ve been having a heat wave here. A couple of days ago it hit 110F. When I go back to CA, it would be in the 70s and I’d be freezing.

    For AI, I really like both Davids. I know both of them will be getting great deals and contracts. They really are both ‘Stellar’! 🙂

  4. We watched and rewatched and rewatched the explosion trying to figure out who got toasted but oculdn’t figure it. Dang!

    Thanx for the sweet things you sad on my blogroll thing. *blush*

  5. AI was great last night. My daughter was so excited and her girlfriend called her right when it was over so they could scream together on the phone. Too funny. My son just rolls his eyes. Both David’s had a Guitar Hero commercial… funny since DC had briefs on while DA had boxers!

    I love the little comments you put for each link on the blogroll. It wasy a lot about you and what you find to value in all types of people. Very cool!

  6. Make sure you bring a blanket.

    Hey…I GOT MY PRIZE!! I’m only kinda lame cuz I couldn’t figure out what you meant at first.

    Thanks for tolerating me, and thanks for drawing my name. YOU RAWK!! Linkin’ love your way. 🙂

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