Break Time


OK..American Idol was great, although the boxing theme went a little overboard. David A was much less “Up With People” than normal which will help him with votes. It really doesn’t matter who wins. I’m looking for tomorrow night, hope it’s not TOO corny. We got our tickets for the concert! Pretty good seats.

NCIS drove me nuts. I was OK w/ Jenny dying but cannot break up the team. Wonder how Gibbs is going to get them all back together. The only way he’d have a new team is if we hear about new casting.

I was going to pick the new iTunes winner but didn’t get to it tonight, I promise I’ll do that tomorrow night.

I got 45.5% through with updating my no if you aren’t there it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you..I just haven’t finished yet 🙂

I haven’t had time to read my book at all tonight..grrr. Oh well. I’m going to get jammies on and watch Shark. I’ll have to watch Medium tomorrow I guess, not enough hours in the day. I got some laundry done and did some grocery shopping for mom.

I didn’t get to finish all my blog reading today either. I’m such a slacker.



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  1. I was shocked how well David A. did last night. He’ll definitely get some major votes. I can admit that Cook wasn’t having the best night, but I still hope he wins. He deserves it. He’s original and an awesome singer. Although if he doesn’t win he won’t have to sing that cheesy song they wrote for him. Horrible, is all I have to say. He’ll still have an awesome career if he doesn’t win. I’m excited for the finale but sad at the same time. I hate when Idol ends!

  2. Hey! I like the new site. This is the first year I really haven’t cared who wins AI because I love both contestants! Can’t wait to watch tonight!

  3. Oh, blog rolls take forever!! See how mine is all incomplete? I would like to add you to mine if that is okay with you.

    I didn’t watch American idol last night, was too busy 😦

  4. I’ll just be glad when AI is OVER! My google reader just stopped working and has been down ever since I got back from the Vern as we call it, I gave up. Google reader can suckit. 😉 I can’t move to wordpress with you, I emailed BlogHer to find out how I would do that and she told me that wordpress doesn’t support ads, so I’ll have to stay at blogger until I’m ready to buy my domain name and be self-supported. (gulp)

  5. I’m not on the blogroll yet, so I will assume I am still loved and just need to be patient 🙂 LOL

    We are finally watching AI live tonight. We always watch it after the fact, but tonight we are making homemade pizzas and watching as it happens. I am so jealous you are going to the concert. I haven’t been in a few years since it is so expensive for the 4 of us! Have fun!

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