Blogging is HARD work, and the tale of the Chucky Mask


chucky maskI have been trying to update my blogroll, I don’t want to forget anyone…I keep thinking I’m finished them did I forget so and so…

One cool thing about wordpress is if you hover over the links, some of them have witty little comments, written by me.

I started to do my 100 Things..I hadn’t done that in a while and now I realize takes time.

 Go over here and read Fiddley Gomme today. He’s talking about his daughter playing “Bloody Mary” in the mirror. I have to tell you I had TOTALLY blocked that from my memory until I read it today. I used to love being scared.

Drew on the other hand can be a bit of a scardy cat, but he is trying SO hard to be brave.  When Drew was little, like around 3 years old he used to LOVE Jurassic Park. Now if it’s on he has to cover his eyes. It’s all J’s fault.   I’m not sure what happened. It may have something to do with Fall 2007.

Drew is watching Zoey 101, Sponge Bob or some show like that  and I was blogging, playing on Flickr or something like that.. J had to take off to Walgreens to get cookies or something like that.. You get the picture, Friday Night.

While J was gone Drew’s show was over and he whined “BB, I wanna check on my Webkinz can I play on the computer now?”… and I said “No way brat get back in the closet”.  “Sure sweetie let me finish this post! “

Meanwhile at Walgreens J see’s a Chucky Mask. Are you seeing where this is going?

It all happened so fast. J decides he’s going to be funny and scare the shit out of me, and make Drew laugh…he sneaks in the back door..he was going to pop open the door into the kitchen and have the Chucky Mask on…I’m going to be typing away at the computer but’s his SWEET INNOCENT SON.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Screams J.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Screams Drew…and then the tears. OMG the tears and the shaking and the sobs. I’m in tears. I have never seen a child so scared in all of my life. J felt HORRIBLE..

For a while, at least until after Halloween we were not allowed to shop at Walgreens..due to the Chucky Mask.. Drew still doesn’t like to go to Blockbuster because they carry Chucky movie’s.

Dinner Saturday night w/ Grandma Drew asks, “What is the scariest movie you EVER saw?”.. and we talked about Amityville Horror, Psycho, The Shining, The Birds, Open Water..and Open Water 2.  You can tell Drew is trying to toughen himself up..he wants to know WHY it was scared and what did we do. I tell you I liked to be scared.. ala. The Exorcist.. but I do NOT like to be FREAKED out.. ala Open Water..and Open Water 2.

What about you??




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  1. The Omen movies scare the crap out of me….I don’t like the ones that “could” be real. the chopper/slasher ones don’t really bother me, but psychological thrillers just do a number on me. I end up dreaming about them and it goes over and over in my mind.

  2. Ack! I CANNOT watch Open Water. I have way too many issues with huge things that glow in the dark swimming below me in the water. ugh.
    There’s a OPEN WATER 2???? oh holy hell!

  3. The Mothman Prophesy is one of the creepiest/scariest movies I’ve ever seen. That and Rosemary’s Baby.

    Slasher flicks make me laugh so they don’t count. I’m more terrified of the scary stuff NOT shown on the screen, my imagination fills in the gory details better than any SF/X could.

  4. ooooh!!!

    “18. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”

    We really are related, aren’t we?

    …and when’s the next Midwest Karaoke night? I’m in!

  5. OMG, chucky is the absolute scariest friggin thing. Way to take cute doll and freak us all out. It is bad enough that I can’t tolerate clown dolls either. I think your hubby is a cruel and unjust man for doing that (JK)…I think I would have belted him with something if I saw that.

    It is sad too because back in the day I loved to be scared too…exocist and nightmare of elm street definitely did it for me. I laughed at the shining and halloween movies.

    Now I can’t watch them at all. I saw Hanibal a couple of years ago and almost puked. I have never seen open water…I better stay away.

  6. Your family sounds totally fun! My son had a My Buddy doll when he was young and it went everytwhere with us and it always reminded me of Chucky. Oh, and that’s the son that was named after the kid in Pet Semetary. 🙂 I am a horror movie diehard. I can’t go in spookhouses though. I was disappointed in the Open Water movies. 😦 Not scary. Hmmm, worst scary movie. . .Children of the Corn, Hellraisers, Nightmare of Elm Street.

  7. actually, i’m not a fan of scary movies. maybe because they don’t scare me. they just make me laugh.

    now, freaky movies like Arlington Road? totally scare the hell out of me

  8. Oooo Arlington Road.. Yeah. Freaky

    LIGHT AS A FEATHER STIFF AS A BOARD..I couldn’t remember that before. Yes, oh yes we played that…and it works!!!! I swear it does..

  9. THIS is how far behind I am in my reading. I’m sorry. Part of it is due to my reader not updating to let me know you had new posts for a while! That seems to be fixed now. FYI, I have two other blogs that I’m also this far behind in. I’m trying to catch up with the “most furthest behind ones” first!

    So… Chucky mask? EVIL. PURE EVIL! I could never survive in your home! Lol! I used to be ok with scary movies, but not anymore. I have a very low tolerance for “scary” now.

    If someone had snuck in wearing the Chucky mask and startled me, it would have been followed by a trip to the hospital for me -straight into the psych ward, and a trip to the morgue for the person behind the mask.

    Personally, I think you J and Drew should have a Chucky mask burning ceremony. Or take Drew to an IMPACT class and have the designated attacker wear that darned mask while Drew kicks the crap out of him! Now THAT might be cool therapy 😉 (and I would want a video of that please, so I could live vicariously!)

    Also… you said:
    “One cool thing about wordpress is if you hover over the links, some of them have witty little comments, written by me.”

    I hovered over mine. 🙂 🙂 🙂 -Thank you! I’m all blushing and smiling now 🙂

    Your template/site here is looking great by the way. You seem to be right at home with WordPress.

    (Now if they only had a darned “preview” button for comments!)

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