TV Obsession Continues


Tonight is a BIG TV night! I have to figure out how to leave work, grocery shop, do laundry and get my TV in.

Last night I was reading my book, I played on the computer for a while then went to watch the finale of Medium. DURH…I forgot to record it. So now I’ll have to watch online. Luckily NBC.COM has it on line. My issue is sitting at the computer with headphones isn’t that comfortable. Oh well.

Tonight is American Idol. I hope I can tolerate David Archuletta for that long. I also hope that the original song that they choose isn’t at ultra cheesey as the past…AND that it doesn’t favor one signer over the other like last year. That was ridiculous watching Blake sing that song.

Also tonight my favorite show that isn’t The Closer.. is NCIS. Come on, Mark Harmon!! Tonight we find out who dies on NCIS. I kept thinking Zeva..then though, NO, and it can’t be Tony. Jimmy? Maybe it’s Jimmy. The last episode they made us like him more so it would make sense to kill him off..or it could be the director.. Jenny is pretty much a non-character lately. The previews though make it look like Zeva or Tony. Can’t wait! Then after that is the finale of Shark.. No more Jimmy Woods. That was my favorite “law” drama since LA Law. Yeah, I’m old.

(ps, if you use WordPress and are not self hosted yet explain to me how to add links to my blogroll, when I click on edit in dashboard mode it tells me that it can’t be changed.)


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  1. To add a link to your blogroll, I’m pretty sure you go to Manage, then to Links, then click add new. Thats the only way I know how. Hopefully it’s helpful.

    It’s funny because I posted a blog this morning about the same thing with Idol. I HATE the cheesy song they pick for the winner. I just can’t see David Cook (b/c he’s totally got this in the bag) singing something like that. I’m hoping for a good finale!

  2. Hi. Congrats on your new place. Looks nice around here. I like what you’ve donw with it so far. I thought of you when I saw the preview for NCIS this morning during my workout.

    Okay so why wordpress versus typepad and why the change from blogger? I don’t love blogger, but I am hoping they keep changing and improving.


  3. Hey just to let you know, I also couldn’t add you to my google reader on this site. Maybe you have to change your settings for feeds or something?


  4. DUR…OK, now I see how to add links..I tried from the widget thing and it wasn’t working!!

    Angie: It seems “cleaner” and lots better when it comes to leaving comments… I’ve always liked visiting blog friends tha tuse WordPress.. I Don’t like typepad though.

    Blogger is OK..I do think WordPress is better.

  5. Okay scratch that. I was using a link directly to a post and not the home page link.

    Geez, I am commenting as many times as you post today.


  6. Shark has been one show my husband and I loved to watch together.

    AI I watch throughout the season here and there, but I never miss the beginning or the finale. Can’t wait for tonight!

    BTW~Thanks for the comment that’s EXACTLY what I needed to hear!!LOL!!

    Glad you like WP! Blogger has it’s good points as far as HTML goes, and is improving. I think it’s more of where and how comfortable you feel.

    I really never did get into Typepad. I tried, and it just didn’t fit me.

  7. I don’t know who all these other people are, acting like they’re your friends and all….because I just added your blog to my bloglines and I’M YOUR FIRST SUBSCRIBER.

    Do I win a prize? Huh? Do I??

  8. Kate..your prize is that I will add you to my blogroll today!!…since that is part of my new housekeeping I haven’t done yet.
    I wonder how to tell who is subscribed..hmmm

    You are an omeba cause you don’t have a wordpress account and I chose the “monsters” but I think I’m done with them, maybe I’ll change them.

  9. Mary Pat! You moved! LOVE the new joint.

    I tried using WordPress, but it didn’t work out for me. Believe me, it was user error, not the interface itself.

    I don’t use bloglines, but I’ll update your address in my Google Reader!

    I don’t watch any of the shows you listed, except The Closer. And, if it matters, I *like* the monster/ameoba/germ things. 🙂

  10. if they kill zeva or the hotty mchott gibbs, i will never watch that show again. ok, that’s a lie, but i’ll be very very pissed!

    oh, and i quit watching american idol when brooke got kicked off. it just wasn’t worth watching after that…

  11. Hmmph. I was hoping for, you know, an orange Kitchen Aid or a Nikon D70 or something. I’m going over to see Pioneer Woman…SHE knows how to give out prizes.


    : )

  12. I logged into my account(as opposed to my self-hosted wp admin) and went through the procedure to add a link, and whaddya know, you figured it out. I suck at blogspot, but I can figure out most things wordpress.
    I subscribed to your feed here. Couldn’t do that before today.

  13. Glad you figured out the links in your blogroll! Have fun with the TV, we are excited to see the last episode of Bad Girls club tonight..

    It is like a train wreck but you just can’t turn away!

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