Holy Crap…Should I move?


What do you guys think? I’ve never tried WordPress…only to know it’s a pain in the butt if you don’t have a log in and post on someone elses blog..


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  1. Well, some things seem more difficult on wordpress. The whole sidebar issue is my only complaint. Somethings aren’t formatted for wordpress, yet. But, for the most part. I’ve been happy. I haven’t had issues like I did with Blogger.

  2. Well, I like what I see so far, you’ll have to tell me how it goes. I’ve been thinking about starting my own domain name this year, using the wordpress template, so this would be an easier transition? I don’t know. Blogger does have a habit of pissing me off. Ugh. Decisions, decisions.

  3. It beats blogspot by a mile, but I had really meant a self-hosted WP blog. You have full contol with those puppies, and can add the neat plugins like CommentLuv.
    Still, a big improvement!

  4. wp has better stat information, comments are easier and no captcha crap for comments.

    Coding takes a little longer to get the swing of than blogger but it’s not terrible.

  5. well you know I loves me some wordpress so I can’t be objective. I use this template on my self hosted blog so I can make changes to the header image, which was imperative for me. so depending on how much control you want this may or may not be the way to go…

  6. i have no idea what to tell you girl. i’ve been thinking about going self hosted myself…

    as you know, i will stalk you no matter where you go 😉

    and i think Third Time’s A Charm would be precious!

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