Pulling in the Big Bucks – Again w/ the Mommy Blogger


Heather (as in MY Heather) gave me a tip about putting an Amazon add on my site, she made $25 in 8 months! That’s $25 more than me.

Ad’s could be a pain in the butt if you can’t fit them correct, god knows what would happen to my layout of I though something new in.


Heather said she was going to be on Nightline over at Dooce… So I went to their website and there was a story..and it’s supposed to be on tonight. Why do they still insist on calling her a mommy blogger….GGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH This is one of those things that I am just totally hung up on .

OK, I feel better: I went to the ABC site and commented this:

The term “mommy blogger” should be retired. Heather Armstrong is a woman, wife and mother who happens to have a blog. A “mommy blogger” would be a woman that blogs about parenting, pregnancy, motherhood and super household tips. Heather Armstrong clearly isn’t one of these and neither are the thousands of women out there with witty, intelligent blogs. The media needs to quit lumping everyone together in that neat little package.

It’s like the time they opened a grocery store near my house, they advertised it saying it was “On the Hill”… and the point was, that it WASN’T on the Hill. (the Hill is a neighborhood)..
So I’d scream at the TV, Radio, Newspaper, Back of the church book..wherever there was advertising.. IT’S NOT ON THE HILL.. It’s very close but it’s on the border, if you get out the map you will see. It’s been at least 25 years that I’ve had this issue..I can’t let it go. I think I’m going to be the same about the Mommy Blogging thing.

…. Although with her ad income (HELLO $40,000 a MONTH) I will consider going by MP Mommy Blogger, get another dog and adopt a kid..or two.


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  1. Haha! I love that you’re calling her YOUR Heather! I’m hoping the Nightline interview is better, I don’t think I could take the stress if it was another disaster! I read about the bloggers guild meeting and I’m so bummed that we missed it, we’ll definitely have to make the June meeting!

  2. LOVE your comment. Can’t wait to see how the nightline interview goes. Hopefully better. 40K??? Good gravy!

  3. Boy…$40k a month…I just barely put AdSense on my sight. I should reach $40k by about 2162. Oh well…it’s all for fun.

  4. Hey that’s MY HEATHER!!

    Actually, I find the amazon ads sometimes offensive. Plus, I don’t have enough traffic to make it worth my while too much. $25/8 months isn’t worth compromising my blog to me. $40,000/month and I might just sell out like a Vegas stripper. Morals, schmorals…


  5. dude…i don’t even LIKE dooce! everytime i hear someone mention 40 grand i want to puke

    and punch her in the face.

    i think i need therapy

  6. I saw Dooce on Today last week but not nightline tonight. Yeah, I get tired of the mommyblogger title too.

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