$50 iTunes Giveaway!!


Yes! You heard correct. We are having a little Giveaway! It is officially Sunday as I type this. The contest will run until next Sunday.

I was going to do the “random” computer thing..but instead I thought I’d do a good ole fashion “out of the hat” kind of contest.

This is how it will work. You can leave a comment..that will be a chance to win. I also think it would be fun if you would share what you would download. A movie? Music? TV show?

If you take the code for the button..(designed by my lovely husband J) then you’ll get another chance to win!
(email me for the code OR be kind enough to tell me how I can type it so you can grab it!)

On Sunday May 18th at 1pm CST Drew will draw the winning name…I’ll photograph the little man picking the winner out of a hat! It’s that easy!

I will post the winner’s name, then all you have to do is give me your email address and I’ll email you the iTunes code! Gotta love instant gratification.

(Apple/iTunes is not affiliated with this giveaway)


27 responses »

  1. I’m first? Neato! You can email me the code, you know I’ll play. 😉

    I don’t know what I would download, but I’d happily take suggestions!

    (this may not be a mixer, but I bet I have a better chance to win so you’ve got that going for you)

  2. Excellent!
    I would probably download one of my favorite Mindless Movies for those annoying bouts of insomnia. Perhaps something like Reality Bites or When Harry Met Sally. Or, as much Sha Na Na I can grab before my computer explodes with shame.

  3. I would download music, starting with Madonna’s newest, Hard Candy. Then I would browse to spend the rest. I wanna win! I wanna win! I wanna win!

  4. Me! Me! Pick the name of the poor teacher over here. I know the guilt won’t help, but it’s worth a shot. lol I would download some new things for my kids slide show at the end of the year, popular age appropriate songs to listen to in the classroom, and then some songs to help me unwind and dance around my living room. : ) I teach 8th grade. We may visit your blog to discuss the probability of me winning. On second thought, I’ll just give them the info and we’ll work it out from there.

  5. Yay! Contest!

    What would I d/l? hmmmm…

    I suppose I’d rent a couple of movies that I wouldn’t normally (I’ve been thinking I should see “Lifeboat”), then I’d find an album I wouldn’t normally buy/steal and give it a shot.

  6. Mmm..I would probably download some Maroon 5, and then just browse around and see what I like. I honestly don’t visit Itunes that much..actually take that back, I’ve never visited. Gasp! I know shock of shocks. Hubs always downloads my tunes for me.

  7. Hey you!! What a great giveaway!! If I win, I would give the card to my son so he can buy some music. Maybe a couple videos. He loves his iPod! I don’t have one, but would love to give him some tunes.

    About the code…what am I supposed to do with it when I get it?

    I did mention I’m technically challenged, right??

  8. snap crackle and pop! sign me up!

    i have no idea what i would spend it on. probably a movie..

    i dunno..

    but i know i love to win stuff i don’t need!

  9. ooooh Fun! Count me in! I love just being a part of something even though chances are slim and probably none…cause that’s how I roll with these things.!
    What would I do with it….hmmm I guess I would have to browse and see what strikes my fancy!

  10. mp, dear…if I win (unlikely, as my luck parallels that of a death row inmate awaiting a call of reprieve on a cell phone in an area with horrible signal strenght), please give it to Biddy. I’m sure she could use the cheering up.

  11. Great giveaway! I would get music for sure. We used to have satellite radio, but that is one of the things we cut out when my husband started his on business. So now I play my iPod in my car and am always downloading new tunes.

  12. Hi MP! I came here to tell you about how I quit smoking and now I could win music?!?! Cool! Of course I would by American Idol songs first. I’m a little behind in my Jason Castro and David Cook Collections.

    Anyway, I quit smoking using Chantix. It has some bad side effects for some people so you have to be careful. It was almost like magic for me. I took it for a week while I was still smoking and then quit. I didn’t smoke until the following Saturday. On Sunday, I quit again. I didn’t smoke again until Saturday and then I smoked A TON!!! I couldn’t believe it! I felt so awful and I decided that I was done and I haven’t smoked since. My last cig was smoked on Jan. 26th. It’s awesome!

    Here’s a link to my page at a quit smoking site similar to facebook or MySpce.


    It’s for support. You my also find the info at whyquit.com helpful too. They do advocate for Cold Turkey.

    My hubby is still smoking but he’s trying to quit. He had a bad side effect from Chantix and had to stop taking it.

    I’ll give you all the support I can when you decide it’s time!!!

  13. Ohhh, fun!
    You can send me the code; my email is dlwinkler@msn.com

    I would totally download beach music! I am going to Mexico in about 2 weeks, and want some fun, beach stuff to jam out to while I read, drink, and soak up the sun. 🙂

  14. I’m in too. I would probably get some Maroon 5 for my upcoming trip to Alaska (leaving in June). Thanks for the chance! Very cool.

  15. i’d buy random music by artists i like. not sure exactly what, but i’d have fun looking, for sure. email me the code and i’ll plug it in.

  16. Count me in! I would download workout music so I might actually get my ass in gear and get some exercise while listening to my I-Pod!

  17. I’m in too!

    I would buy music by Brooke White, Connie Talbot (which will soon be out.) But I would probably spend most of it on Disney Channel artists! 🙂
    -Amanda (Connie’s daughter)

  18. Count me in. I love audiobooks. It makes the work day go by so much faster. I love to read, but since going back to work, I don’t have the time I used to. I got 3 or so back at Christmas and really enjoyed listening.

  19. Me too! I would buy a movie and maybe some TV shows for our vacation to Alaska and probably some music I like. Nicky (Connie’s son)

  20. Count me in. I wanna download Kylie’s new album and let my hubby choose whatever else he’d like 🙂 Thanks!

  21. You can send me the code, to henny2006@gmail.com

    I would download three songs – all very ncommon and available only through itunes –

    The bangles’ single – light my way
    susanna hoffs and matthew sweet – Sorry(outtake) and On the way home (outtake)

    haven’t heard of them? Not surprised…:-)

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