my Monday….


So I wake up this morning and start the same old routine..
hurry and pee..then get Jack outside before he goes on the bathroom floor..flip on the coffee on the way outside.
Bring my undies in the bathroom and start my shower..jump in. Lather rinse condition rinse..body wash, towel dry..little mousse..undergarments on…
I go to the bedroom to get dressed and J says…”Ummm, we had an earthquake while you were in the shower”.. WTF, how did I not feel it? This time it was a 2.7 approx 10 miles from my house.
I get dressed, pack lunch, drive to work…I hear on the radio about where the epicenter I decide to call J.. OOPPPSS..I dialed 911 instead. Police/dick show up at the office..not even a phone call first to make sure…since I didn’t know that I dialed 911 I just figured I didn’t dial enough have to dial 9 to get out…
So the day goes by pretty time to read everyones blogs..Before I left I get an email from a gal in the PR department for TNT/TBS asking if I would be interested in a summer preview..she knew I was a fan of The Closer and Saving Grace..and HOW did she know. She found my blog…MY little old blog. Funny thing is I don’t recall it on my stat report.
So I have no idea what this package is but I’ll be blogging about it for sure.
Anyone else watch those summer shows besides me?


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  1. What’s the deal with all the earthquakes up there? Freak out! I’ll take my tornadoes any least I get a warning. 🙂
    I’ll be interested to see what little package you get.

  2. WOW! Such an exciting day! I hate earthquakes. I lived in California for a few years, and they scared me to death! I’m much rather have bad weather predicted than unexpected catastrophes.

    That is so cool they found your blog and contacted you! Can’t wait to read about it.

  3. Those shows are awesome.

    We get a lot of earthquakes here too. I just tell Hotty Hubby that it was him making the earth move and he is placated for a while.

  4. Wow, what a morning.
    Too funny about the 911 call, I did something like that before too. I was like “my bad” to the officer…she didn’t think it was so funny. Stupid offices for requiring a “9” to use the phone anyway.

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