DAY 5 – Assume the position


Originally uploaded by mpkillmer

Here we are..I took this back in September..well I guess technically J took it.. I edited all the little comments, how Bossy of me.

THIS is a good day. I have a book, my princess kittie Patches and the dog. Rocky..the other cat is too “macho” or something for this cuddleness and loveydoveyness.

These are my bed partners every night too.. When I wake up sometimes they are both ontop of my legs or feet..ocassionaly a face.

Patches is Jack’s girlfriend..he licks her ears and occasionally her’s an odd love affair. She just lays on her back and purrs…

I actually took pictures this weekend..I just need to get them in the computer. I have a whole month of this though…

…more to come, another earthquake and my prank call to 911…

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  1. Way to go, MP. Next time we have a gun man in the building, they won’t come because you think it’s funny to prank call 9-1-1.

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