American Idol – Neil Diamond night


One of my favorite American Idol recap blogs is High Lord Dave…
This is what I wrote as a comment to him right after the show last night:

As your AI recap. I disagree w/ your take of the show tonight..I know can you believe it? I’ll boil it down to what I did like: David C: Both songs I thought were great and I hope he performs one of them on tour. Brooke: I am I saidSyesha: I thought she did a good job on both, she shouldn’t go home on those unlike what Simon said.Jason: Forever In Blue Jean..It’s one of my all time favorite ND songs and I will download this version from iTunes.Who I hated: BOTH of David A’s do NOT mess w/ Sweet Caroline..that was repulsive.Paula..WTF? she was was lost..and she mentioned that during Idol Gives Back they did a thing w/ the celebrities dancing to I’m a Beliver and lip she didn’t think that was a good move for Brooke.Bottom Two should be: Jason and David A w/ David A going home.Bottom Two will be: Syesha and Jason w/ Jason going home.

As soon as we watch the show J and I also go to and check out the predicitons. This is the first week that David A is not predicted to be safe. I think it’s time for that boy wonder to go home. But the judges are really pushing for an all David final 2… I almost puked when Randy told him that version of Sweet Caroline was “da bomb”…please…I couldn’t WAIT for it to be over. Just sing the fricking melody already.

So we will see tonight what happens.


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  1. I’m really liking Idol this year; it’s actually the first season I’ve watched all the way through. Thanks for the AI recap!

  2. I wasn’t that sad to see Brooke leave…she was mediocre at best and used her nervous emotionalism as a crutch…I think that is unprofessional! I love Dave Cook and I hope he gets kicked off soon so that he can become a great recording artist long before the success of Idol would allow that to happen. I’m bored by David A and I’m surprised by how well Syesha is coming along! She’s proving to have quite the voice.
    That’s my take on AI this season…

  3. ugh. David A. makes me want to puke. I can’t stand that kid. haha. He just really gets on my nerves for some reason.

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