Cleaning House


I HATE to clean, I mean that is what my husband is for isn’t it? Well he did yard work today and I started organizing the will be a major chore, it’s just totally gotten out of hand. My problem is I buy clothes but don’t get rid of the old ones. It is like I have a sentimental attachement to them. Today I put in the bag the Delta Tau Delta sweatshirt from college and the Eddie Bauer stretched out green sweatshirt… 6 bags packed up so far..

My friend Pumpkin is going to design me a new header..I started to give her comments then she advised me :”Hey hunny, I like what you’ve done but please bear in mind that, that particular header was just to check colour and so on. However what I will do is send the options to your email and you can choose . The header you have was just to check colour saturation and if it’s ok, i’ve got another couple of ideas that are WAY different.”

SO..I’m not going to tweak again until the master has told me that she is finished

The draft was today..Ram’s had the 2nd pick and got Chris Long. He’s Howie’s son. Kinda hot huh? Makes me keep watching football I’ll tell you that much.

Happy Saturday Night πŸ™‚


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  1. I suck at getting rid of clothes too. I still have things from high school!

    I like the header! Can’t wait to see the finished product πŸ™‚

  2. We (Bears) got the player I wanted in Round 1, but screwed the proverbial pooch with our Round 2 selection of a projected Round 4 player when we had soooooo many more pressing needs…

    le sigh.


    we’re not talking football here?

  3. It almost killed me to throw out my Pi Beta phi sorority shirts. It was like I was kissing my youth goodbye. sniff sniff.

  4. you hate cleaning house?

    honey, i still have my christmas tree up for cryin out loud!

    and we won’t even discuss my garage or spare bedroom…

    also? lovin’ the new blog look. i need a new blog look…

    *sigh* maybe my baby daddy (rimmy) will make me a new one

  5. I really like the new look even if it is just checking colors! As far as clothes go….I think I still have stuff dating back to my teenage years!(and OMG that is a long time ago!) I’m gonna have to do this soon as well! I hate cleaning as much as I hate renovating! Love when both are complete though!

  6. I hate to get rid of favorite clothing too. Whether they fit or not I figure I might shrink or grow to where I can enjoy them again. πŸ™‚ XO

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