Aruba Spring 2008


Aruba Spring 2008
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Can you tell I’m missing Aruba already?

I’ve been cleaning the basement..twittering..surfing the internet..It’s a Saturday with no real responsibilities..LOVE IT!


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  1. Hello! I have a great recommendation for you since you LOVE Aruba and you LOVE reading … “An Island Away” by Daniel Putkowski. This new novel which comes out in May takes place in Aruba and was a real page turner (I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and I couldn’t put it down!). You can buy it on amazon or visit the author’s site for more info:

  2. 2btrudie..thank you SO much for the recommendation..that book is SO me! I’ve been so excited this morning reading the exerpts on line!

  3. Such beautiful colors and views! I would be missing it too had I been there. But you forgot to tuck me in the suitcase. ūüė¶

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