A MEME and other stuff

I had a blog written..all I had to do was type it and hit post….I lost it. It was SO funny and entertaining…well written too without alot of spelling errors or …..
But then I woke up.

  • Amy Winehouse was arrested
  • Giraffe’s don’t have vocal chords
  • I’m addicted to twitter
  • my fricking ankle hurts, I lost range of motion and I don’t know why
  • i have a bottomless pit of a stomach today
  • it’s going to storm like a big dog
  • we had another aftershock but I didn’t feel it
  • i got a new cell phone, it’s a razor and I like it
  • this is the place we are going to in hilton head
  • we are SO slow at work I want to nap
  • i had a dream about tony danozzo from ncis the other day
  • no drewby this weekend..first time since we got back from aruba
  • drewby is going to kc w/ my mil..they are flying..did I mention the storm?
  • last night..drew’s little sister sat on my lap and called me BB 🙂 This is a pic of her and her daddy..she is a fricking riot..little piggy tails and a black eye yesterday..what a handful
  • did i ever mention how much i love OTHER people’s kids?

And now on to the meme.. I didn’t get tagged..I’m one of those people that volunteer for a meme.

THE RULES (I don’t feel like typing or c&p)

Relationship Satus

Current Mood

Favorite Singer / Band

Favorite Movie

The Princess Bride

Where Do you live?


Where do you work?
Maryland Heights, MO Police


What do you look like??

blond woman


What do you drive?

Favorite TV Show.. (NOT A FAIR QUESTION)

ncis banner

Describe Yourself

Smart Cat?

What are you doing today??

Slacking Off

What did you do last night?

What is your name??


OK..now everyone else do this MEME..
(Halfway through it I realized you could click on the image in photobucket and get the url DUH>>>)


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  1. I noticed your comment to Grandy as I was clearing out my email box right now, so I thought I’d drop by and see what you did. Aren’t these Photobucket Memes fun? I’ve done two now … each with different questions.

    Nice meeting you and visiting your blog for the first time ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

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