Photo Contest


*** You can click on the photo to get the entire picture***

There is a photo contest at arewethereyetmom . Above is my submission. I love my little Aruban Hummingbird …

Get over there and submit something..and yes I’m talking to you Bri…Connie..and anyone else. You can win a book on photography..for me that would be a great place to start!


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  1. Yeah, I should probably open my world and do this. I will look into it, I promise! I love yours! My son wanted to know how you were able to capture that.

    Thanks for the {{hug}} and sorry it hit home. 😦

    The cake is too funny!! LOL

    I need to update my links too, so I include the blogs I visit daily. There isn’t many. How do you have time to keep up on all those? Amazing.

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