Radom Wednesday Thoughts


I just read this story in Yahoo this morning about ALS.. New campaign. The speeding bullet seems like it just fits.. I hope to see this on TV a whole bunch!

Did you watch American Idol last night? I did..I can tell you I think I only heard one of those songs.. J knew them all. He used to be a fan back then..that was PRE MP.. I think this might be the week Brooke goes home and that bums me out, she would have done great on Neil Diamond week. If not her it will be Carley or Syesha.. Kristy Lee is just getting a billion votes from the country fans..it isn’t that she did bad it’s just that she’s not as good all around as the girls left now, she should go first. The boys last night were good. I actually liked David A’s performance last night. David Cook though stole the show. Did you see his brother in the audience? They didn’t acknowledge him I’m sure since that would sway the votes his way. His brother is batteling cancer and had a medical charter to send him to his performance. You can tell he was very humbled yet proud of his performance. Very touching. Jason’s performance.. Yep…smoke a dube, sit back and enjoy all that is Jason Castro..Love him!

We had all kinds of drama at the office yesterday. Dolce is going to post about it I think today, when she does I’ll link over to her.

We’re going to Dave & Buster’s tonight.. I need to bring a book. The boys play, I eat and read. It works well for me.

SUNDAY..this Sunday is Bossy Day. Bri talked about it here.. this is actually my first time meeting bloggers in real life too..I’m excited! Bri and I are going to get together an hour BEFORE the meet up..power in numbers and all that..so when everyone else gets there it will be just like having my little sister w/ me.. not that in any way shape or form I could ever be old enough to be her mother… I really honestly meant to start reading everyone’s blogs before the meet up..but I haven’t too much. Bloggers generally don’t seem to be shy people or dorks..why do we blog? Why do we blog and our other friends don’t? Is it a certain type of person? Is there one mutated gene that makes us want to type our thoughts, feelings and photographs with total strangers? Hmm…discuss…

Today is the first day in a week that we’re going to have Spring like weather. Sunny, Windy, high of 74 degrees..now that’s what I’m talking about!

OH..No one has voted for me..but I entered my Grade School Graduation picture over at Crystal’s contest blog.. I didn’t even vote for myself.

Is something up w/ the comments today??
OK… Read this…
Bri’s friend Simon linked it to her comment.
It TOTALLY explains bloggy friends!


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  1. I totally agree with the post on bloggy friends. I really only have few blogs I actually want to take the time and comment on while the big time bloggers I don’t…Im really just a “number” on their blog in my opinion. I’m one of the shy ones that isn’t a big real life socializer..but love the aspect of socializing this way. Any whoo Im rambling.

  2. if i win the lotto tonight, i’ll come spend the weekend with ya and then i’ll get the prize for best bossy stalker 🙂

  3. I agree, David Cook stole the night. I was glad he did well since his brother was present.

    Kristy should have gone a LONG time ago but I think we’re stuck with her for awhile.

    As far as why I blog, I blame it on my husband. I like to socialize but he doesn’t so I get my socializing done on the net!

  4. CAN’T Come Sunday. CAN’T!! Wish I could. It’s like my anniversary or something and I think I should spend it with the man I married, I GUESS. Sorry for the confusion. Bummed I can’t come, though.


  5. Dude, Kristy needs to go home already!!!! That girls singing make my ears want to bleed. And she doesn’t seem all that humble either.

    I heard about David’s brother too. I really hope Brooke gets to stay 1 more week.

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