I didn’t finish my Q&A…Ooops


Can you believe I never answered Biddy??

hmmm a question….ok, kind of an odd question: have you ever considered changing churches? i.e. not being catholic anymore?

A: Um, No.

explanation: If you ever met my mother you too would know that changing churches OR religion is NOT an option. I am 41 years old and my mother still calls every weekend to see what mass I went to. Not so much anymore though since I’m taking Dad to church…so she already knows when I go.

Drew is being raised Catholic as well.. we’re talking about First Communion weekend all!! Very exciting stuff. My non-catholic husband wants to get Drew a replacement DS as a gift. I don’t even want to explain..rosary’s, bibles, books, money.. These are acceptable gifts, NOT electronics. Oh well.

I will never forget learning that most of the bible was stories..written for a simple man to understand and should not be taken word for word. I was heartbroken, more so than the Santa story. Faith, Religion, Hope..they are all so personal and so individual. Right now I’m at the same church I was baptised.. talk to me in 10 years…we’ll see where I am then.


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  1. my gma once said to my mom ‘i wish you could find a nice christian man to marry’

    mom replied, ‘if he’s nice, i don’t care if he’s jewish.’

    thought gma was gonna stroke out.

    I know those walnut bowls signs you speak of 🙂 aren’t all the walnut bowls in the world made in lebanon mo?

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