Do the Amish taste like chicken?


Hi. I’m Dawn. I can usually be found over at Alex Year One, but for today, I’m hanging out over here, while I have a guest post at my place.

My husband and I have one thing in our relationship that never fails to work for us – a sense of humor wrapped up in some really lame running jokes.

In our town, at a major intersection, is a sign advertising “Amish Made Butter”. Poor Amish. What’s up with making butter from them? They are good people, making butter from them is just tacky.

On our interstate travels, we frequently see signs for “Amish Made Furniture”. Equally apalling, not only are Amish edible, but apparently quite durable too.

But what we found most disheartening was a sign advertising an “Amish Buffet”. Again. Poor Amish.

We never fail to make the same lame joke every time we see a sign for an Amish made product. What’s sad is when I was telling Scout I needed a topic for a guest post, he suggested the running Amish gag, what’s even sadder is I took his advice and just exposed our sick, twisted sense of humor to the world.


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  1. Hi all..I’m getting ready to leave for the airport..plane leaves in 3 hours..I hope that the movies work on the way home, they didn’t on the way to Aruba..I want to watch Juno..then we have a 2 hour layover in Atlanta..hope the weather is OK to land..looks OK so far..then we’ll get home by 10:30 or so..take a cab home then pick up Jack…he’ll be SO SO SO happy to see us. The place better be spotless when I get there:-) I am going to have to get me one of those I love Bossy shirts..J will DIE…That is coming up soon!!
    OK..thanks again guys..I can’t wait to share my pictures!

  2. Poor Amish indeed. Amish Buffet…seems like an oxymoron. For people who don’t live outside their means, or in excess, why would they have a buffet?? Hmmm…makes one think.

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