It’s Frrrrriiiiiiiday!


A spankin good Friday to you all folks!!!!

As it’s my last chance to eat all the food in MPs fridge, I figured I’d do it with some kicking music in the background……….let’s see if I can’t get your butt shaking and dancing too.


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  1. Happy Friday everyone…I figure Sunday I’ll download my 84379 pictures and try to post..but we’ll see…actually I’m ready to come home..we miss year we’re going to bring Drew with us..We’ll be coming in June…

    OK..gotta run…
    You are going to have to hire maid service to clean up Biddy’s mess 🙂

  2. MP: How did you leave out the story of you falling off a horse??? Seriously.

    For all of you, J convinced MP to go horseback riding, MP hates HBR, and the poor thing fell off! Right on the bum…or knee.

    MP, I told JL you’re not coming back. He said he’ll kill you. Maybe you might want to reconsider.

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