I’m Glad You All Are Still Here…


It looks as though we have kept the party level at MP’s to a minimum with no arrests and no drunk long distance dialing on MPs phone. I’m sure she’ll have the place cleaned up by Christmas.
Now on to a sorta serious note. I’m so glad MP gave me the keys so to speak to her blog cause now I have some bloggy advice that I could use, where a post on my blog would not be wise at the moment.
Here’s the deal. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible and not go to long winded. I’ve worked at my job for going on 6 years now in a call center. I’m honestly not happy doing it, but for some reason have stuck with it in hopes that I would be promoted to a level 1 supervisor which is just a fancy name for a higher supervisor than I am now with out dealing with actual calls. I am considered one of the best.so to speak..as my boss would say. Yet when it was time for a promotion, I was passed over by “young, still with lives with his parents, just doing this job to pay for school boy.” Pissed off I was, was an understatement and I did find the cahonies to talk with bossman about it and he just gave me a dumb answer like uh er your public speaking skillz aren’t up to par. Whatever.
Fastforward to today. I literally got handed on a silver platter an offer to work in another department. I actually was offered this job a couple of years ago and stupidly turned it down as I thought things would be better in my department…I had hope for that promotion and was faithful and loyal to my boss.
Here’s the deal…I’m ready to tell the guy sign me up right now I’m ready to go, as a lot of crap is happening in my department right now. Here’s the thing. I’m afraid I’m getting the grass is greener syndrome. The guy who offered me the job, I’ve known since I started working. Hubs and him are fairly good friends. The problem is he’s somewhat of a dick when it comes to work. Hes the boss and just wants things his way. He also has a few red neck sexist tendencies and can make off kilter comments. My boss is a great guy, in fact he’s very laid back for the most part and keeps to himself. I’m just afraid that there maybe more pressure and possible different stress with the new position. I also have tinge of guilt as if I take this job, it means my boss will have lost 2 supervisors in a 2 week time. I’m sure it just comes with the territory and going along with the learning curve of the new job..but as much as I want it, I also don’t like getting out of my comfort zone.
Most likely I’m going to take it for a new challenge, which I think I’m ready for. I just needed to clear out my thoughts and this whole thing literally happened as I was walking out the door. I’ve gotta go over more detail with my boss and the new boss and just see how it turns out. I didn’t want to start up a fire on my blog as my immediate supervisor reads my blog,,,the guy that got promoted and well it would be awkward.
Thanks MP for letting me use your space place to crash for the night.
Ladies any advice…should I go for it knowing full well what I may be up against or should I take this to my boss and see what he can do for me and see just how much he really needs me?


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  1. Since you asked…. 😉

    I’m going to go with “option C.”

    Take it to your boss and see how much he “really needs you” and what he can do for you, if anything. Maybe higher pay or benefits or something in writing about the next promotion to come up… I dunno.

    As I was reading, I thought two things:
    1) Maybe you weren’t promoted because you *are* so good at handling the phones and they don’t want to lose you in that position.
    2) Or maybe you’re not! 😉 (that’s meant to be funny, but honestly, I don’t know you so how the heck would I know?)

    I think you should bring it to him if he’s as good a guy as you say. BUT…

    I’m not sure you should go with “jerk for a boss” instead.

    I think you should use this situation to feel out your current boss re: what your future is with him. You’ve been presented with a real offer that you can use as leverage in a discussion with him, even if you have no intention of *really* taking that offer. If your boss doesn’t come through, you can still tell him you decided not to transfer and stay with him for a bit more while you look for another job elsewhere.

    If you just decided to get a job elsewhere, you’d never be able to have this conversation and know if your boss would have come through for you. This is the perfect opportunity to find that out. Use this to see what your real future is in this place, and get it in writing immediately. Then stay where you are, or go someplace better -without a new boss that you already have bad vibes about! I think your instincts about him are probably accurate.

    And don’t worry about screwing over your current boss. He just screwed you over and didn’t have any problems with that whatsoever. If “its business” for him, it can be the same for you.

  2. Okay, I gotta go with everything Melissa said, only adding that I cannot agree more with listening to your instincts on the new boss!!!!!

    Let us know what you do!

  3. Well..I guess I’m a firm beleiver in Change.
    you will’
    1: learn new stuff at new position that you can take ANYWHERE with you
    2: Stagnation = BOring = Mental death
    3: FEAR is what is keeping you where you are, Move PAST the fear, envision yourself 5 months from now as a bigger muckety muck and I’m sure you will like that picture.
    4: if the new boss gets to be too much of an ass, you simply TELL him so! Its not a do or die situation, You’d just DEAL with it.

    I am TRYING hard to simply say YES more often to everything, and it has taken me to AMAXING new places!!
    From Mike Litman:
    Take 1 step at at time, though STRETCH YOUR VISION of what’s possible.

    Get yourself excited about life and what you can accomplish.

    You have to conceive on the inside before you live it.

    Today is your day to CONCEIVE what’s possible.

    There’s more in store for you. There is.

    You can do it. You certainly can.

    Love Ya! You’re The Best!

  4. You guys are great! I totally agree with both Melissa and klasieprof. I want and need change right now..and remaining where I am is only going to bring me down more. I also agree with Melissa on #1..they don’t want to lose my phone abilities. Im kind of waiting around right now..but will bring this as leverage and see how it all works out. I’ll let you guys know.

  5. Alrighty then…here goes with my simple opinion….
    I say don’t bother going to your existing boss…He will find a reason to hold you back if you are as good as you say. Once you’ve gone that route they rarely move you as they really just look at you as a whiner. If you really want more challenge..take up the challenge of the new job and the new boss. What’s the worst that can happen? You are unhappy, unrecognized for your contribution and go looking for another position…hmmm.. seems to me you are already there.
    Good luck with your decision. I know it’s tough to risk for change but most often it is worth it.

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