Hey Y’all


When is the lucky bitch MP getting home? I need to get the smell out of her bedroom clean sheets on the bed and restock the liqour cabinet refrigerator…


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  1. HEY…I get home Saturday night. We’re playing on the internet catching up on the real world for a few minutes before dinner. I snorkeled today ,J stayed on the boat…saw a sunken German boat and fishies..Tomorrow we’re going horseback riding. We watched American Idol last night..good show..better than I thought for Dolly Parton. They get NY television here…we’re Eastern time..it’s very American for being so close to South America. My arms got burt today..J’s face is fried. It’s brutal…I have been good though with the sunscreen. I miss chatting with you guys and am looking forward to reading everything you guys have written..so I missed my 400th post..bummer…OK..got a $1 left..gonna read some…

  2. PS..OMG I looked at the website for the Aruban..they are dumping millions into it..that is NOT what it will look like, they are totally updating everything! \\ Can’t wait to see the Bossy post..that is the end of april for us in stl!

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