Everyone is doing such a great job, I feel sort of superfluous. (don’t you just love big words?) I started a new job this week and had been away from the internet for waaaayyy too long. I was all worried that I had let MP down, but you girls are hilarious!

As far as an intervention goes, my first thought was “Time share? Is she crazy?” My second thought was, “Time share in Aruba? How many bedrooms? Hmm…” lol

MP and I haven’t met in real life, yet, though we live a matter of blocks from each other, but we “met” through our blogs when we both signed up for Bossy’s Excellent Road Trip. If you haven’t checked out Bossy before, now is the time. She is chronicling her road trip as she travels about the country, meeting bloggers.

Check out her main page here.
Or follow the first few days of the road trip…
Day One
Day Two
Day Two and Some of Three
Day Three thru Three and a half
Day Four-ish
Day Five
Day Six

If you’re not too exhausted from that little trek and you’d like to read more of my nonsense, you may visit me here: Under the Arch

Now, I have a thunderstorm to drive through if I’m going to make it to class tonight!



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  1. It appears you ladies are having a blast over here! While the cat’s away the mice a playing wildly! How fun! I’m volunteering to help out next time she leaves to I can run amuck too.

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