Psst Hi It’s Me Again ..Jean


Hi I hope you guys have recovered from that crazy Etsy post. Yeah I realize now that maybe it was to off kilter for a guest post, but I guess I can’t turn back time now.
Anyways I noticed things were a bit to quiet over here so I thought I’d make some noise by saying that this is MP’s 400th post!! Where’s the confetti and cake? I hope she wasn’t planning on something big. Oh right, she’s celebrated by going to Aruba. She goes all out don’t she?
Now here’s my question to you guys her faithful flock. You’re probably going to think it’s a silly question but MP and I just hooked up back in Feb in a blind date Valentine kind of way. Anyway the question is; on the blog does she go by MP..Mary Pat…Mary..or it doesn’t matter? I’d just hate to think that I’m silly and am calling her by something that she doesn’t go by. I’m paranoid and weird like that, in case you haven’t noticed.
Ok that’s all…I’m just going to hang out and blast the stereo really loud to annoy her neighbors.


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  1. Hmmm, I didn’t know she had secret alter-egos. I’ve only ever known her as MP, but that’s not really the definitive word, since I’m pro’lly the newest to the scene.

  2. haha i was wondering if anyone else was going to celebrate this milestone post!

    on blogs, she mostly goes by MP, sometimes (rarely) Mary Pat, but I get tired of calling her MP, so every once in a while I throw in a Mary Pat.

    She only goes by Mary when she’s ordering takeout because let’s face it, some people are just dumb asses

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