gawd i love guest blogging!

why? i’m not sure. i guess i just like going through other people’s stuff being a complete and total spaz on someone else’s bloggy. oh wait, i do that on my blog too….crap


why, thank you! i wasn’t sure the chair on the ceiling was going to work, but i think it REALLY compliments the ceiling fan 🙂 I added a seat belt so you don’t have to worry about falling anymore. Also? Did you notice I completely got rid of that damn toe-breaking table? i had to call the movers to come help with it because my back is still giving me hell. I hope MP and J like the new TV Trays I bought with the money from selling the dining room table. These are much more economical (i still have $$ leftover!), it really opens the space up, AND they fold up and go in the closet, so no one loses a toe! I. Am. Brilliant.

Now, as for this whole 400 posts thing. The last time I blogsat (which lead to a terrible experience i would much rather forget), we celebrated her 100th post (which really wasn’t her 100th post because this is her SECOND blog. the first one is locked away, but trust me, it was a good one). Anyway, we celebrated her 100th post, over here, Sesame Street Style. So, we need to figure something out…hmmm

i like the 400 facts about MP, but gah that sounds like an awful lot of work, and well, i much prefer hanging out in my room with what’s left of the liquor cabinet. That, and I think Rimmy is coming over to get started on our baby making. y’all might want to sleep downstairs tonight 😀

let’s see…400 posts…what could we do? i will possibly spend the next 400 days cleaning my house, but that’s not exactly a celebration. It’s more like hoping my house isn’t condemned. hmm i suppose we could give her $400, but i would probably just steal it. the plaza apparently saw this awesome milestone coming up and opened its doors a few days early after being closed for 3 years and spending $400 million renovating. wow, do you see how much The Plaza loves you, MP?
well, i’m all out of (attainable) celebration ideas. so, i’m going to go to Whataburger and have a 400 calorie taquito with orgasmic whataburger ketchup on it. it should get me in just the right mood for Rimmy…

SNAP, CRACKLE, & POP! i JUST figured out how we can celebrate! everyone make a list of what you would buy if someone gave you $400!

i’ll start (and yes, i was a total dork and opened up excel so i could calculate tax. shut up):

freakin adorable wedges from Target: $22.99

also adorable duvet cover and shams from Target (because my $300 tommy hilfiger comforter was ruined in the wash) $79.99

black satin pumps from Nine West *sigh* aren’t they pretty!? on sale for $49.99

much needed sunglasses, also from Target (are you seeing a trend?) $19.99
this GAW-JUS (say it out loud folks, i’m from the south) green amethyst and black diamond ring from

black shirt dress from Lane Bryant $39.50and then i’d use the last $50 on sushi, cheesecake, and prosecco. mmmm

or, i guess i could be sensible and spend the $400 on something i seriously need: but where’s the fun in that?? ok, it’s a fun couch and gosh it’s purty…but i can’t wear it out of the house and show it off…that and the mice might eat it…

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  1. Ok, mine doesn’t account for shipping and tax, plus I’ll need to pony up $23.00 or so out of my own pocket…

    $16.00 – Fahrenheit 451: A Novel
    $16.00 – The Screwtape Letters
    $13.00 – The German Refugees
    $13.00 – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel
    $100.00 – Men’s Florsheim Carson – Black
    $75.00 – Classic Pinstripe 600 Thread Count Cotton Bed Sheet Set (Queen)
    $190.00 – Ultra Light White Down Comforter (King)

  2. Hey Biddy, if you had that cute couch…you and Rimmy could get some serious action goin’ on in the baby making department. 😉

  3. Good idea Biddy but It didn’t take off..For $400…Ummm..I want a new bedroom set…I couldn’t get all the stains off you nasty people left 🙂

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