&$@!^#* Airlines!


so, MP apparently has hidden cameras set up and someone checking in on us, cause she definitely left us this note on the fridge:
flight cancelled..yeah Delta..I used my charm and got moved to american..we made our connection in altanta..but guess what, our luggage didn’t…I just bought $100 pair of shorts..I was desparate for something cute…we went to the grocery store..I haven’t slept except for an hour and a half..but hey..I’m in ARUBA>> :-)I may leave a message again..Fridge is empty..you guys want to eat you will have to go shopping. XOX

stupid airlines! and seriously, Mary Pat? A HUNDRED DOLLARS for a pair of shorts!? I could have overnighted you an entire wardrobe for less than that!


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  1. At least she made it safe and sound, if not fiscally responsible.

    We’ll, of course, need pictures of these C-Note shorts.

  2. Glad she made it but wow, $100 shorts?! Think I’d just wash my clothes in the sink each night and rewear them. 🙂

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