Odd Things On Etsy


Howdy Ya’ll, I’m Jean from Working Momma247 and I’m here today to raid MP’s fridge and snoop through her medicine cabinets post some random stuff on her blog. I thought I’d go ahead and get things started as I’m sure she would hate to have dead blog air of any kind.
While I was racking my brain to come up with something half way mediocre for posting, I came across the oddest thing I’ve ever seen on Etsy. If you’re like MP and have no clue what Etsy is than you need to get clicking over there right now. It’s only the best website for all things crafty and homemade. I’m here to bring you the most craziest things I’ve seen on Etsy. Just to be warned these things are odd like body parts and feminine hygiene kind of odd, just so you know. Nothing gross, just odd.

First off, is the fallopian tube earrings. All I can say is, well I have no words to say.
Second A Knitted Dissected Frog. At least I’d know where to go when my kid has biology homework.

Third A Lego Octopus Necklace Where has this been all my life?

Who doesn’t want to be reminded of their college days with a Ramen Noodle Coin Purse ? These are actually kind of cute in their odd kind of way.

The last but not least one just makes me go ewww !
Don’t get me wrong on Etsy, most of their stuff is totally awesome and beautiful and all handcrafted primarily by moms trying to make a little extra income from their talent.


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  1. interesting..ok computer for 5 minutes..one of you can post this BIG tomorrow..
    flight cancelled..yeah Delta..I used my charm and got moved to american..we made our connection in altanta..but guess what, our luggage didn’t…I just bought $100 pair of shorts..I was desparate for something cute…we went to the grocery store..I haven’t slept except for an hour and a half..but hey..I’m in ARUBA>> 🙂

    I may leave a message again..
    Fridge is empty..you guys want to eat you will have to go shopping.

  2. Whoa, that is some weird freakin’ stuff. Who in their right…maybe drunk, minds thinks of this stuff? Crazy…I seriously think some people were smoking a little ya know what when they thought of these items! Okay…so I want the dissected frog, call me crazy.

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