OK…I think I’m ready


I have been SOOO busy since 11am this morning. OMG…

I have my airline and accomadations stuff printed out.

Emergency numbers emailed to the cousins…

LuLu..you there? I’ll be in Atlanta by 8am tomorrow morning then Aruba by 2:30…
DVR is set to record my shows…

Liquor cabinet is open…Party at MP’s blog.
2:41 am…. Hi, I’ve slept for 2 hours. We’re all packed and ready to go. I bought 2 new pair of shoes last night and a new swimsuit.
Cab coming at 3:30am…
I am So ready to go…


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  1. Oh YEAY!!! I was gonna comment earlier this week, but kept getting the impression that you had already left. Aruba at 8. Sounds so Hollywoodish.

    Have a great time. Hope no one trashes the place while your gone.


    (BTW – Kennedy – we were SOOO bad!)

  2. ohhhhh snap! i love it when you leave the booze unlocked!

    have i told you lately how jealous i am? no? well, i am. you bitch.

    have a wonderful time, doll! see you when you get back! unless of course, something gets broken. in which case, i didn’t do it

  3. It’s okay to like Michael…after all, I liked Sanjaya last year!! LOL! Just Kidding!! Don’t get sun burned!

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