both ends…

Standard I’ve got feelings of puke and poops…and sweats…and lightheaded…OMFG is this the flu or nerves of not getting everything done on time…or is it Dominos from last night?
Update to say I’ve eaten lunch, drank about 65 glasses of water, ate 38 tums and an imodium…and I’m doing a little better.
I’m working about an hour more…then off to get Rocky and Patches to the Vet for their shots..this is going to be fun.
FYI..American Idol is the year the kids were born.. David Archeletta was born in 1990..does that make anyone else feel like they need to get their AARP card?

Ummm and if you think YOU are having a bad day, read this. I had to read it a couple of times until it sank in.


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  1. I think it’s nerves. When I was younger I would get sick the day before I was scheduled to leave. I would be running at both ends all night but once on the road it was all good. Nerves.

  2. Ok, it’s probably nerves. Or Dominoes and I second Biddy’s comment of ewww, cause Dominoes makes my stomach hate me every time I eat it, so I just refuse. If you do have the flu going around…I had it, it sucks, BUT it only lasted 24 hours and I felt completely fine the next day.

    As far as the gunfire goes…yep pretty sure it was a gun, four shots….urban living woooo! lol
    Also, do you have a twitter?

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