Holy Cow..did I leave the door unlocked


Biddy did her testing..it still works. Yes..she did make a mess the last time.

It’s nice to have a little musical action going on in the old blog. I love Meet Me In St Louis..The movie, not the stage version. I cry EVERY time.

So, this is Easter.. Snow, Hail, Sleet and Rain. Mom and Dad stayed home and I went w/ J and Drew to my MIL’s house. They had a house-full ‘o people. We ate, talked and watched basketball. I think my brakets are a mess.

Yesterday we did power shopping at the mall. Went to Chico’s and got some nice denim capri’s and some white jeans and brown shorts. Went to Lucky Jeans..love that store and some Clinique stuff at Macy’s. We also went to see College Road Trip..CUTE movie.

OK..I am so tired and it’s only 8:15. I think I have everything I need for the trip. We just have to pack.

Tomorrow is work..funeral parlor. Tuesday is work, cat’s to the vet..FIL in town from Arizona and dinner out.

Wed is cats to the boarder..work..pack..

Thursday crack of dawn cab picks us up and we’re off.

Tomorrow I’ll send “keys” to the blog to all that have volunteered. You must send me an email. bbmp6685 at gmail.com


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  1. I went with UCLA at your suggestion and about had a heart attack on that last game. 🙂 I didn’t want to pick NC since thats what everyone else was going with. Im in last place at the moment, but its still early.
    Youve got a busy week ahead! Have fun!

  2. thanks for taking the cats to the boarder. so sweet of you to remember i’m allergic!

    don’t forget Lulu and Bindi helped in the whole purple stain issue. and yeah, the au jus stain was all me…but really, it just totally spazzed and flipped inro my lap…

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