Dear Guest Bloggers


I’ve had a few questions regarding the guest blogging. The rules are there are no rules.

You can cuss if you want..I would prefer nothing know, use your judgement.

You can tell stories about yourself, do a meme, link You Tube Videos, pictures of your friends and family. You can talk about me and how great I am and how much you love me.. You can pimp your own site so that everyone that ever leaves me a comment (all 10 people or so) will leave YOU a comment. OR bring your readers here. Whatever and however you want to do it.

I know Dawn said she would come by on the 5th..she’s traveling.

Other than that…if you want a day all to yourself then you can either leave a post and say..I want Monday!! or just come on over when the spirit moves you.

There should be a total of 9 people leaving a guest post… I rock!
I’ll have SO much reading to catch up on when I get home. We leave Thursday morning at the crack ass of 4am ish..and return late on Sat the 5thmidnightish.

If you are thinking about me…here is are the pictures from last year’s Aruba trip.

Jean and Melissa both mentioned needing a topic.

Here are some topics that I think would be fun:

Post pictures of you at one of your favorite school ages. Talk about your favorite subject in school and how that has effected you as an adult.

Post pictures of your first celebrity crush..can be a girl or boy crush…and what they look like now. How far did you go? A fan club? Letters?

Create an MP meme…See who can knows the most about me…I think Biddy and Linda are the only two that used to read the First Journal.

Those are 3 ideas…you can do whatever you want..
FYI..check out the countdown
vet appointment for kitties – check!
shopping spree – check!
manicure and pedicure – check!

I still need to wash clothes and try on summer outfits from last year to make sure they fit. Yeah I know…too many girl scout cookies.


3 responses »

  1. You know I actually went on Ebay to see how much they are selling girl scout cookies…20 bucks for 3 boxes, plus 9.00 in shipping. Outrageous! Yet it was so dang tempting.
    I think I may just go with the flow and see what hits me. Maybe if I’m really feeling like putting off doing actual work, Ill do more than one post.

  2. yeah, i would totally kick ass on an MP Meme. 😀

    i know you don’t want me to break the lock on the liquor cabinet again, so could you leave the key this time?


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