y’all don’t mind me….


heh, key still works!

MP, J, and all the animals are asleep right now, so i’m going to have to tippy toe around. I was getting tired of abilene, so i decided to head on up to St. Louis Louis (name that musical) to help hold down Fort MP.

Let’s see…if I remember correctly my room is *ouch! shit!* sorry, stubbed my toe. is that table new? i don’t remember it being there last time…

anyway, as i was saying, i think my room is up the stairs and one, two doors *aaack!* wrong room! sorry MP! I didn’t see a thing. honest…

ok, here’s my room! look, she even put fresh sheets on the bed for me. how sweet! what’s this?
argh…i guess she’s still bitter about the purple mystery stain. it wasn’t completely my fault! and the couch smelled looked like the au jus finally came out…
well, i’m exhausted and a little queasy from the boat ride over here (have you seen the water surrounding this place!?) so I guess i’ll crawl into my plastic sheets and call it a night. hopefully my snoring won’t disturb the party down the hall…not that i saw anything. honest!

see y’all soon…


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  1. Meet me in St. Louis, Louis! Meet me at the fair! I think it was called “Meet Me in St. Louis”. I’ve never seen it, but my high school choir sang that song…for something. I can’t remember what. It also randomly pops into my head at strange times. 😉 Do I win something?

  2. you win the prize! i don’t know what it is, yet, but you win it!

    It’s actually called State Fair, but you totally rocked it!

    and yeah, even though i normally say it “saint lewis” i can’t help but want to sing “st lou-ee lou-ee” everytime…

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