To Be A Guest Blogger….


Please EMAIL me at bbmp6685 AT

You will then get an email with the link to log into my blog and visit. Last time I did this Biddy made a MESS..She needs to come clean it up. 🙂

Biddy, did you realize you are still an author? You too LuLu..I’ll send the invite again.


4 responses »

  1. of course i’m still a guest blogger. and i forever and always will be (or you know, until you take away my rights)…

    i’ve already got a post in my head….

    *insert evil laugh here*

  2. I’m IN!!! Or ON!!! Or.. well.. “here!”

    So how does this work now? Do we get assigned days or do we just log in and say “Hmmmm…. no one’s posted yet today. I guess I’ll post!”

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