Another answer.. 2 parter


Mama Bird asks this two parter:

If you could change one thing about your life… what would it be?

I think I would like to be less of a procratinator and take more control over things. I wait until the last minute to do things sometimes…well alot of the times. I start things and don’t finish them. This is from weight watchers to preparing for Aruba. It’s silly really…sometimes someone needs to light a fire under my butt.. You know what I mean?

If you had a free afternoon and had to hang out with Laverne or Shirley… who would you choose?

So we’re talking about Laverne and Shirley..not Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. BUT either way I would choose Laverne (or Penny Marshall).
Laverne was Italian..and I was raised Italian. I actually think, being an old sole I would have been a bit like her back in the day. She was loud, funny and willing to take a chance. She put up with Shirley and her silly girly ways. They were an awesome team. Laverne loved the boys and would be great to hang out with on the docks. I can also picture sitting around having Pepsi and Milk watching TV..It’s a great drink if you haven’t tried it!


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  1. MMmm..milk and Pepsi, I guess it would worth a try. I’d probably hang with Laverne to cause she would bring out the fun in me that Shirley maybe couldn’t do.

  2. If I could change one thing about my life I would take more risks. I tend to do things that are “safe” for fear of failing.

    Hmm, not sure which I would pick, will have to think about that one. Never tried milk and pepsi!

    I missed AI last night! 😦 Kid projects for school and my DVR wierded out on me. I will have to search for them.

  3. Totally Laverne.

    I’m a huge procrastinator too, “” helped me a TON. Just do a LITTLE bit at a time. It has be amazing.

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