5 Things Meme


Kim tagged me w/ a MEME! You know how I LOVE these.

5 Random or Wierd Things About Me (trying to dig deep here since I’ve done so many of these already)

1. I look at stuff before I throw it away..I’m talking gross stuff. I look at the toilet paper..eye buggers, kleenex. I don’t know what I expect to find, I guess I am making sure there is nothing unexpected.

2. I get pissed when you interrupt me. No I’m not talking about in converstaion. I’m taking about if I’m watching TV, a movie, reading a book or reading blogs on the internet. I hate to get distracted. If I’m reading or watching TV I will be in the mood of whatever I was watching.

3. I have to drive. I hate being a passanger. I guess that makes me a control freek.

4. I’m scared of being in a car accident. I am always watching the idiot’s around me hoping they don’t hit me.

5. I can’t skate. Rollerblade, Rollerskate or IceSkate. I have such weak ankles and no balance. Bums me out cause it looks so fun.
5 Places I want to see again or see

1. I’d like to see Bimini again. This is a little Island not far from Florida. I went when I was 16 and would love to see it again. It was not commercial at all back then, no fast food…hotels or anything. White sandy beaches and HUGE sea shells.

2. I’d like to see Tuscany again. I love Northern Italy. I’d like to go back to Lago D’Iseo, Florence, Pisa etc.

3. I’d like to go back to Germany. I would like to crusie along the Rhine and visit the countryside. This time I’d like to see the camps.

4. I’d like to go back to Aruba..and I am in 21 days!

5. I would like to go Africa. Before I die I hope to see Victoria Falls and Lake Victoria.

I’m tagging 5 of you: Kate , Jean , Bri , Tasina and Melissa.


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  1. 1,3,4, and 5 on the random part? TOTALLY ME! weird…

    you have to go to africa. it’s AMAZING. i’m saving up to go back. i should have enough by the time i’m 94

  2. Man I’d love to go to Aruba someday or some beach somewhere would be great right now. I needed some blog fodder today. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the compliments on my pics! Wow, you have been a lot of great places. I hope to do all that some day, expecially Africa – what a dream that would be!

  4. Hi MP! Ok, first of all, I don’t even know what MP stands for but I think it’s Mary Pat. Or did I dream that??

    Anyway, thanks for tagging me for the meme….so is it 5 random things AND 5 places I want to go again, or was that your own little twist?

    email me and let me know!

  5. Thanks for not tagging me! Appreciate small gestures such as this….fyi Colleen’s Dad…not so good. Will keep you posted but the end is near. Please keep her in your payers!

  6. I too have weak ankles, I still skate just have to get good ones with good ankle support and be careful. I’m not fancy but it’s fun. 🙂

    You can drive, I hate to.

  7. I would love to see you rollerblade, If you do,will you make sure J has the camera so you can post a picture of you wiping out?

    Oh, and don’t worry about the bruises. Last summer I fell off my bike and scraped my chin, shoulder, and leg and everyone thought I fell while I was drunk.

  8. Didn’t we already do this meme? I don’t know if I have that many weird things about me! 😉 Ok… I don’t know if I have that many weird things about me -that I want made PUBLIC! 🙂

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