Happy Leap Year!


How exciting for those folks born on Feb 29th. They said today on the radio there are only like 200,000 people in the US born on Feb 29th. Interesting.

I was so slammed yesterday I didn’t even make it through my list of blogs to read. It’s a good thing but I’ve been pulling my hair out lately. Sometimes I really think people should just do things my way.

You are going to get bullets today.

  • American Idol was a little shocking. I would have liked to have seen that little 17 year old girl stick around a little longer but other than that I was OK w/ the people that were knocked off. Robbie creaped me out although J kinda liked him. My favorite American Idol blog to read is Dave. A teacher in Florida who is very witty.
  • Survivor was good…LOVE the surprise endings. Love Ozzy..doesn’t everyone. Cutie little put him in my pocket and take him home..
  • My stomach is doing flip flops..I’ve been eating like crap lately.
  • Drew has a “Blue and Gold” dinner on Friday. Anyone ever been to one of these? It’s not like Up With People for Scouts, is it?
  • Pumpkin’s back from Scotland. I really didn’t do a great job guest blogging.
  • Spring Training is in full swing. One of our players, Spezio, is wanted for the cops. Let’s see we’ve had the coach fall asleep at the stoplight, a drunk player slam in to a disabled car and now a DUI assult..Not good. I think we have more to worry about than enhancement drugs.
  • It’s Friday. We’re going to watch a movie tonight I think. Not quite sure what. Last week we watched Michael Clayton…WOW. That was good.

OK..I’m off to play catch up on my million things to do today. Note to self: Take more pictures this weekend while it’s nice outside..and make sure I do weekly winners on Sunday!


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  1. I was glad to see Robbie go too, but not Alexandrea. She did really good the first week so I had hope for her. Oh, and don’t even get me started on Ozzie….I loooove him. He’s like freakin Tarzan, the boy can do anything!

  2. Happy Leap Year to you as well! I haven’t watched any of the shows yet…you didn’t spoil anything though. I got the lowdown on the radio and at work already!
    Thanks for all you nice comments for Aimee..I passed on your good wishes and congratulations! She got drunk and right this minute (12:06 pm) is still sleeping. Lazy Sod! LOL!
    BTW anytime you want to come up to Canada…c’mon up! Timmie’s awaits and Kate and I would be happy to visit with you! Wait till I get my hot tub in and my bathroom reno’d though!

  3. Fair warning on the Blue and Gold banquet, if it’s like ours it will be long and drawn out over the boys uping in rank and getting any kind of badges/belt loops they have earned. They go through every single den. Our food was crap too. Not that I’m complaining for my kids 2 minutes of fame. 🙂

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