how old do you look


Is it just me or does that couple from Georgia look a lot older than 47?

Is it a worked hard look? I am going to be 42 this year and my husband 41..I can’t think that when we’re 47 we’ll look that old.

I know that gravity is taking it’s toll on my face a little and I don’t look 25 anymore…

Are you looking older?


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  1. Yeah, I don’t think they look 47 either.

    As for whether *I’m* looking older… I’m not sure. I tend to look younger than I am, but I’m sure I have days when I look my age.

    Ooooh! You put up the award! 🙂 I just noticed that was there! 😀 I noticed when you mentioned in your blog post but hadn’t seen it in your sidebar.

  2. Did you see the interview? Supposedly the guy was seldom home since he was working so many double shifts. His wife was the talker and saying that it was going to be great having him home more. The poor guy looked less than amused about the whole thing.

  3. I think they are older than 47. My parents look younger than that at 55 and 57.

    I can see me aging, but others disagree.

  4. Ever since I became a mom, the aging process went into warp speed. I think it’s the sleep deprivation and stress. That couple looks much older than 47!

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