Lenten Friday Mishap


OK..my city is a bit Catholic…we’re named after a Saint for crying out loud. Now of course not everyone is Catholic and not everyone abids but the lenten rule to not eat meat on Friday..but many do. We have more fish fries to choose from than you can even imagine.

Personally I have a baked potato and a pack of tuna for lunch. I will have fish fry from someone for dinner.

Here is the what happened at my office:

Coworker goes to McDonalds and gets a Fish Meal. (fish sandwhich, fries and soda). He drives back to the office, sits in the lunchroom with some others and this is what happens.

S opens his sandwhich, adds more tarter sauce and takes a bite. OMG, it’s CHICKEN. They put a chicken sandwhich in a fish sandwhich box!

Smartass S picks up his cell phone and calls McDonalds.
Ring rign ring
McD: Hello, McDonalds
S: “our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be they name….”.. Then he says, “Oh please forgive me I was praying” “There was a chicken sandwhich in my fish box and it’s LENT”..
McD: Oh Jesus, I am SO SO sorry.
…by this time everyone in the lunch room is in tears….
McD: Can you come back we’ll give you a fish sandwhich…
S: It’s too late, I already ate the chicken. You can send me a coupon for a free fish sandwhich for next week.
McD: Of course I will….
Hang Up….
S to the lunchroom crowd: I’m telling my wife since I already screwed up I want a quarter pounder for dinner!

OK..I find this all hysterical…but you kinda had to be there..and know S and his smartassedness.


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  1. Love it! I am still surprised that someone picked up the phone at McD’s…pretty sure the ones near us are still trying to figure out how to get their own pants on!

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