ice and sleet and snow..Oh My!


I’m sitting at home..waiting for work emails to pop up and reading blogs.
We’re having an ice storm. I picked up my friend/coworker at 6:50…we got to work at 8:50..the storm was 5 hours early. It is STILL sleeting and we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow..who knows if we’ll have work tomorrow. I had the Jeep which was good..made me feel safe. I also only go 30 MPH in this shit.

34 days til Aruba…
Sunset Aruba


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  1. I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to handle your being in Aruba. I’m thinking that I’ll cry a lot. And drink lots of wine.

    Tell me again when you’ll be in the ATL airport?

  2. I’d be counting down the hours too. Even for Texas it’s been to cold. Spring starts in Feb. for us you far it ain’t happenin.

  3. I’m totally jealous of your trip! Grrr. 😉
    On a related note, don’t you just love this weather? (note the sarcasm)
    I saw the mention of your Jeep, makes sense why you want to hear about Camp Jeep now. 😉
    Hope you get a snow day tomorrow!

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