Ode to my Valentine



How do I love thee, let me count the ways! OK, that doesn’t sound right but it’s close isn’t it?

Here are some bullet points about my guy and why I continue to love him more every day.

  • I love that you love me.
  • I love that you make me coffee every morning.
  • I love how you keep the tank full of gas so I don’t have to pump myself.
  • I love how you are so devoted to your son and are such an awesome dad.
  • I love watching you play with the puppy.
  • I love your hugs, no one gives better ones.
  • I love when you talk about what we’re going to be doing and what we’ll be like when we’re old.
  • I love that we’re best friends.
  • I love that you give me shit and tease me and that you can also take it.
  • I love that we can fininsh each others sentences.
  • I love that you honestly critique my photographs.
  • I love your freckles.
  • I love your booty.
  • I love how seriously you take the yard and the appearance of the house since you know I don’t care.
  • I love when you ooo and ahhh over my cooking.
  • I love making you laugh.
  • I love laughing with you.
  • I love hanging out with you.
  • I love watching sports with you.
  • I love talking silly with you.

eyez luvs mai j


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  1. I think I could have said almost everything you said about my hubs except for yard part. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what I got, I feel cheezy what I got you..I may have to seek out some more just to see what I find.

  2. Wow…I’ve been gone a long time. Sorry! I’ve had family in town and a party that almost killed me.

    Such a sweet ode to your hubby!! Hope you both had a nice day!

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