American Idol


So, Jean left me a comment about the Irish Girl. A record label spent millions of dollars on her back a few years ago and she was touring Europe but was a major flop. Looks like they changed her last name and are giving her another shot. You can read all about her by googling her old name. Carly Hennessy.

Personally I could care less, I think she’s awesome. She’s not my favorite but top 12 for sure!


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  1. Who is in the top 24? I need pics to know if I know them.

    How about Joplin, MO?
    Black girl with lost voice?
    Blond homeless boy that cries?
    Nerdy kid who wears a tie?

  2. Hi Dolce –

    Joplin is in
    Black girl with lost voice is in
    Blonde homeless boy is out
    Ireland is in
    Australia is in and is my favorite
    Nerdy boy is out, but Simon was not happy about it
    Carly simon girl is in
    long hair guy with beanie is in
    16 year old cutie boy is in
    girl who lost her dad just 2 days before tryout is in
    plus size model girl is in
    guy who played guitar Simon not impressed is in
    Small Asian girl in

    Can’t think of the others

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