Weekly Winners!!!


hi there

Yes I got on the floor with him 🙂


pet kisses

They really do love each other..the sleep with me in the bed all the time!

stylin scout


If you want to see more head on over to Sarcastic Mom!!


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  1. Adorable pictures – the first is really special , the last – I love a boy in uniform (hehe my friend Tiff – I did not see her comment before I wrote mine !.
    I had me a boyscout too for 7 years but he quit last year.Can’t wait till my twins are old enough.

  2. I always remember your blog by your ADORABLE dog! 🙂 The close up floor picture is my absolute favorite. Such great detail 🙂

  3. The dog looks so sad in the first one – it’s very cute!!

    My cats run and hide whenever dogs come around to visit.

    Great pictures!

  4. That dog is so cute! Love that first shot! (I was on the floor shooting my cat this week!)

    Also, looks like you’ve got a very proud cub scout!

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