books books and more books


Thanks to reading around I have come upon this great Good Reads that I have added to the sidebar.. Join if you read and add me as a friend. What a great way to see what books are out there that your friends have enjoyed.

It will for SURE take me a while to get all my books added!


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  1. Neat! I’ll have to check this out! Also, I signed up for the interview experiment, now I just have to come up with some questions.

    One more thing, I liked your attempt to figure out what I was talking about, I had an unexpected text message from an exboyfriend, so I know he’s up to something, just not sure what yet. Make more sense, now?

  2. Im actually already signed up on this site and haven’t been to it in forever. I only have like one friend on it I think. You have to give me a good suggestion for a good read. I read Kite Runner and loved it and just finished Peace Like a River..which was ok, not what I expected though. So many people raved about it. Anyways Im at a dry spell and am up for anything but trashy romances. 😉

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