MP Book Review


Except for the one time in Amsterdam when I picked a “coffee house” experience over the long line at Anne Franke’s…I have ALWAYS jumped and being educated about WWII…especailly Nazi Germany. The entire story of the war in Europe facinated me. I read books, watch movies..I’ve been to the Holocaust museum in DC.. I’m not sure what excatly draws me. Maybe it’s that I actually have German blood.. at least that’s what the papers say.

Anyway.. I just read Those Who Save Us this weekend. WOW.. This novel is so unique. Everything about it blew me away. You meet Anna who is a German girl during WWII..and Trudy her daughter who is born before the war is over. You follow them both in Germany and in real time in Minnesota. You see everyone…the SS officers, hookers, crooks, children, soldiers, jews. You see every type of emotion. Hope, Fear, Desparation, Love, Loathing…
This is so different from the Ken Follet books that I read but I loved it equally.

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  1. Ooh! I’m definitely going to have to get this book. Hubby and I are going to Germany in October, so this might peak my interest in some potential sightseeing trips.

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